1968 The Beatles Yellow Submarine Metal Lunchbox / Led Zeppelin's The Object Sculpture reproduction

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    I have listed up on eBay, from my personal collection, my 1968 Vintage Beatles Yellow Submarine Metal Lunchbox (without the thermos). This thing is a classic and it's in great shape for its age:

    Vintage - The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Metal Lunchbox, 1968 without Thermos | eBay

    As well I have my 1970s reproduction sculpture of Led Zeppelin's The Object. Again, this is a reproduction, not the original which can fetch a good amount. But the reproduction is nice and a cheaper option for collectors. It is from the late 1970s:

    Led Zeppelin - The Object Sculpture (Reproduction) 1976 - Presence | eBay

    These are scheduled to end next Wednesday at 10pm EST.

    Thank for looking.

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