1968 Yardbirds sessions to see release?!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by YardByrd, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Dondy

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but the Yardbirds obviously broke after they had finished their US tour in early June 1968, that Luton Tech College show likely never happened (even if it was announced).
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    McCarty has confirmed it took place. This was a hot topic for awhile until McCarty put it to bed on his Facebook page awhile back.
  3. YardByrd

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    answered this earlier... it was already a final mix before McCarty and Dreja heard it... as McCarty said, "fait accompli"...
  4. Dondy

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    Wow, cool! Never expected it really happened. The current state of knowledge was it never took place (basing also on a Peter Grent quote, I believe, right?), and it being such an odd one-off date. Man, I imagine Keith and Jim especially really needed to pull themselves together to come up with enough will and energy for this one last show, a month after they had put the band to rest and moved on. Thanks for correcting me.
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    Yeah, there is the vague recollection of Peter Grant in that interview from 94 that sparked it, but McCarty put it to bed. Imho, doesn't matter either way... it was over regardless
  6. Dondy

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    I did read that. It just isn't entirely clear to me: Did they know of the edits? Did Jimmy tell them? Did they hear/notice them when Jimmy played the show to them? Maybe I'm just at a loss....
  7. YardByrd

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    I got the sense they didn't know there were edits... they don't know this show inside out like we do...
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  8. Dondy

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    My guess is also that they didn't know of the edits or noticed them and were only made aware afterwards by alert fans or by you interviewing them about the edits. Therefore, it seems Jimmy simply didn't tell them and they approved the release because of the recording's now stunning quality and the bands performance. Wonder if they had OK'ed it had they known about the edits...
    Well, I edited them back in for my private joy and they don't sound really awful. :agree:
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    I wonder if Page reconciled the whole bit about Epic 'recording the wrong guitar speaker', which didn't adequately represent the fuzz channel or what not. It sounds dirty enough to me, and there's fuzz there. I guess he considered it sorted.

    Maybe Chris or Jim can get you an interview with Pagey? An email interview at the very least? That'd be cool. Page seems like he's willing to talk about Zeppelin all day. Yardbirds is probably fresh enough territory that hasn't been totally mined by interviewers. He seems to have an impeccable memory for most things musical (except maybe writing credits!). You would know the subjects to steer clear of.
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    Apologies if it's been posted before but includes JP's intro to the Yardbirds

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  11. Mook

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    I suspect Chris & Jim will be happy with the album sounding great & to see some money coming in rather than upset the apple cart with complaints about the odd cut by Page.

    I could well be wrong but I highly doubt they'll be as picky as some fans are.
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    Just received my 2 LP set today. The packaging looks terrific! So well done. I can’t wait to spin the records.

    I’ll pull out my CBS Special Products copy just for a laugh.
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  13. The Trinity

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    Great thread.

    I have a nice minty copy of the original Live Yardbirds LP, and it's one of my faves, along with Little Games. I have the new Yardbirds LP on my Xmas list and can't wait to hear it.

    Pie in the sky, I know, but I would just love to see Jimmy reunite with The 'Birds and get out and play. I've seen the band 3 times in the last ten years or so, and they are a joy to watch. McCarty has been a real mainstay and knowing that Zep is done, it would be amazing if Jimmy could rekindle a relationship with McCarty and play again (assuming that Dreja will remain on the sidelines). Having said that, I don't think Jimmy cares if he ever touches a guitar again.

    Fun thread. I never knew there were so many Yardbirds fans around here. I thought I was in a very small minority, but not so.
  14. misteranderson

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    Jimmy hasn't shown the least intention that he wants to play in public. He may well tinker with an acoustic every day at home, but he had some momentum going after the O2 and the filming of It Might Get Loud and just like that, pffft! it was gone.

    It would be fun if he got together with the 'birds again, even if for a one-off.
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    I agree. I have heard previous releases of this concert on vinyl as well as the CD from Mooreland Records, and this release is a a revelation that obliterates those versions.
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    Uh-oh … you're thinkin' what I was thinkin', and that's dangerous.
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    I'd have to agree with this one. After almost 50 years, the album is out and selling... They're gonna start complaining, so it's delayed another 50 years? Nah! ;)
  18. YardByrd

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    Thought I was going to have a hard time getting over the edits, but nah, the remix more than makes up for any stage banter missing... do miss the OUSD quotes in I'm a Man but the major edit of the scat section there really keeps it flowing... waited over 30 years for this so I am a happy camper... sounds great...
  19. FloydMaui

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    LED ZEPPELIN '68 ..... gosh, I reeeeeeeeeelly hope this comes to pass ! ..... please Jimmy, pleeeeze .
  20. LordThanos1969

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    Thanks for all these great interviews, YardByrd! I haven't read through this entire thread yet, but I hope you will eventually publish the interviews on some sort of platform. I have often felt that the Page era of the Yardibrds has been mostly glossed over by the biographies I have seen of the band. The insights here really fill in the picture of what was going on with the band at the time.
  21. Tommyboy

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    What a difference! It’s not even worth comparing the new version to the Epic pressing, which sounds like an audience recording.

    This is a quality release. Great job by Jimmy Page and company!
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  22. Sixpence

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  23. 9la

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    Are there sound samples available anywhere?

    Has anybody mentioned that MOJO magazine has an interview with Page about "Yardbirds 68"? Just the usual basic info, but he claims that he wrote "Knowing That I'm Losing You" before he joined the Yardbirds.
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    That claim has been circulating for a while. One of the Led Zeppelin biographies stated that he wrote it in 1965 after the split with Jackie DeShannon.
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