1970's Live Album Checklist And Conversation

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    I have that Kampuchea album and I love the live Who tracks on it. Any Who freak would want those.
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    Michigan, USA
    I got this on the 1993 Rhino CD today, it is warming me up in cold cold MI
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    It's cold here too. I hope those Jaguars like cold weather.
  4. Terry

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    Man, just look at 1970 and 1971. Rock n roll heaven. Stunning.
  5. George C.

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    Elvis Presley:
    On Stage
    As Recorded at Madison Square Garden
    Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
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    Look- why don’t we make it easier on ourselves and find a source that lists EVERY live album that was released and/or recorded in the 70s since that’s the direction this thread has taken?
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    Here's my list, extracted from my database. Sorry if there are repeats here but I don't have time to compare everything that's already been listed -- if someone finds something interesting here,I'm happy. There may be some archival releases in here, but I did a quick check and removed the ones I saw.

    AC/DC If You Want Blood You've Got It 1978/10
    Aerosmith Live Bootleg 1978/10
    Allman Brothers At The Fillmore East 1971/07
    Allman Brothers Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas 1976/11
    Amboy Dukes Survival of the Fittest 1971/04
    Auger, Brian Live Oblivion 1 1974
    Auger, Brian Live Oblivion 2 1976
    Ayers, Kevin June 1, 1974 1974/06/28
    Band Rock Of Ages 1972/08
    Band The Last Waltz 1978/04
    Beach Boys In Concert 1973/12
    Beatles - US LPs Hollywood Bowl 1977/05/06
    Beck, Jeff Beck, Bogert & Appice Live 1973/10
    Beck, Jeff With The Jan Hammer Group Live 1977/03/17
    Blue Oyster Cult On Your Feet or on Your Knees 1975/02
    Blue Oyster Cult Some Enchanted Evening 1978/09
    Blues Project Reunion in Central Park 1973
    Booker, James King of the New Orleans Keyboard 1976
    Booker, James New Orleans Piano Wizard, Live! 1977
    Bowie, David David Live 1974/10
    Bowie, David Stage 1978/09
    Bramlett, Delaney & Bonnie On Tour 1970/03
    Browne, Jackson Running On Empty 1977/12
    Buchanan, Roy Live in Japan 1978
    Buchanan, Roy Live Stock 1975/09
    Burnette, Chester (Howlin Wolf) Live And Cookin' At Alice's Revisited 1972/07
    Burning Spear Live 1978/01
    Butterfield Blues Band Live 1970
    Byrds (Untitled) 1970/09
    Cale, John Sabotage/Live 1979/12/07
    Canned Heat '70 Concert Recorded Live in Europe 1970/06
    Canned Heat Live at Topanga Corral 1970
    Canned Heat Vintage 1970
    Cheap Trick At Budokan 1978/10
    Chicago At Carnegie Hall (aka Chicago IV) 1971/10
    Chicago Live in Japan 1975
    Clapton, Eric E.C. Was Here 1975/08
    Clapton, Eric Rainbow Concert 1973/09
    Cobham, Billy Live on Tour in Europe 1976
    Cobham, Billy Shabazz 1975
    Cocker, Joe Mad Dogs & Englishmen 1970/08
    Cohen, Leonard Live Songs 1973/04
    Colosseum Live 1971/09
    Cooder, Ry Show Time 1977/08
    Cooper, Alice The Alice Cooper Show 1977/12
    Costello, Elvis Live At The El Mocambo 1978/11
    Costello, Elvis Live Stiffs 1978/03
    Cream Live Cream 1970/05
    Cream Live Cream 2 1972/03
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Live in Europe 1973/10
    Crosby & Nash Crosby-Nash Live 1977/10
    Crosby, Stills, Nash (&Young) Four Way Street 1971/04
    Davis, Miles Agharta 1975/08
    Davis, Miles Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore West 1970
    Davis, Miles Dark Magus 1974
    Davis, Miles In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall 1972
    Davis, Miles Live Evil 1971/12
    Davis, Miles Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at Fillmore East 1970
    Davis, Miles Pangaea 1975
    Deep Purple Made in Japan 1972/12
    Derek & The Dominos In Concert 1973/01
    Doors Absolutely Live 1970/07
    Dylan, Bob At Budokan 1978/11
    Dylan, Bob Before The Flood 1974/06
    Dylan, Bob Hard Rain 1976/09/15
    Eight-O-One (801) 801 Live 1976/12
    Ellis, Don At Fillmore 1970
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition 1972/01
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends 1974/09
    Faces Coast to Coast - Overtures and Beginners 1974/01
    Fairport Convention Live Convention 1974/07
    Flying Burrito Bros. Last Of The Red Hot Burritos 1972/04
    Foghat Live 1977/08
    Forbert, Steve Alive On Arrival 1979/01
    Frampton, Peter Frampton Comes Alive 1976/01
    Franklin, Aretha Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings 1972/06
    Franklin, Aretha Aretha Live at Fillmore West 1971/05
    Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour 1974/07
    Gallagher, Rory Live in Europe 1972/05
    Garcia, Jerry Live At Keystone (w/Merle Saunders) 1973/12
    Garcia, Jerry Old and In the Way 1974/12
    Gaye, Marvin Live at the London Palladium 1977/03
    Gaye, Marvin Marvin Gaye Live! 1974/06
    Geils, J., Band Blow Your Face Out 1976/04
    Geils, J., Band Full House 1972/09
    Genesis Live 1973/07
    Genesis Seconds Out 1977/11
    Gentle Giant Playing the Fool: The Official Live 1977/01
    Gong Live Etc. 1977/08
    Grand Funk Railroad Live Album 1970/11
    Grateful Dead Europe '72 1972/11/05
    Grateful Dead History Of The Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) 1973/07/06
    Grateful Dead Skull & Roses 1971/09/24
    Grateful Dead Steal Your Face 1976/06/26
    Guy, Buddy, & Jr. Wells Drinkin TNT & Smokin Dynamite 1974
    Harrison, George The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971/12
    Hawkwind Space Ritual 1973/05
    Hendrix, Jimi Band Of Gypsys 1970/04
    Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix & Redding At Monterey 1970/09
    Hendrix, Jimi In The West 1972/02
    Hendrix, Jimi Isle Of Wight (UK) 1971/11
    Hendrix, Jimi Soundtrack From Jimi Hendrix 1973/07
    Henry Cow Concerts 1976
    Hicks, Dan, & His Hot Licks Where's The Money 1971/09
    Hot Tuna First Pull Up Then Pull Down 1971/07
    Hot Tuna Hot Tuna 1970/07
    Humble Pie Rockin' The Fillmore 1971/09
    Iron Butterfly Live 1970/04
    It's a Beautiful Day At Carnegie Hall 1972/12
    James Gang Live in Concert 1971/09
    Jarreau, Al Look To The Rainbow 1977/06
    Jefferson Airplane Thirty Seconds Over Winterland 1973/04
    Johansen, David Live 1978/07
    John, Elton 11-17-70 1971/03
    John, Elton Here and There 1976/04
    Joplin, Janis In Concert 1972/07
    King Crimson (1969-1974) Earthbound 1972/06
    King Crimson (1969-1974) USA 1975/04
    King, Albert Live 1977
    King, B.B. Live At Cook County Jail 1971
    Kinks Everybody's In Show Biz 1972/08
    Kiss Alive! 1975/10
    Koerner, John et al. Good Old Koerner, Ray & Glover 1972/11
    Kottke, Leo My Feet Are Smiling 1973/03
    Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same 1976/10
    Little Feat Waiting For Columbus 1978/03
    Lofgren, Nils Back It Up! (An Authorized Bootleg) 1975/12
    Lofgren, Nils Night After Night 1977/10
    Loggins & Messina On Stage 1973/12
    Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From The Road 1976/10
    Mahal, Taj The Real Thing 1971/07
    Man All's Well that Ends Well 1977/11
    Man Christmas at the Patti 1973/07
    Man Greasy Truckers Party 1972/04
    Man Live at the Padget Rooms Penarth 1972/09
    Man Maximum Darkness 1975/09
    Marley, Bob, & The Wailers Babylon By Bus 1978/12
    Marley, Bob, & The Wailers Live! 1975/12
    Marley, Bob, & The Wailers Live! At the Rainbow 1977
    Mason, Dave Certified Live 1976/11
    Mason, Dave Dave Mason Is Alive 1973/04
    Mayall, John Down The Line 1973/02
    Mayall, John Jazz Blues Fusion 1972/05
    Mayall, John Moving On 1973/01
    Mayall, John Primal Solos 1977/01
    McCartney, Paul Wings Over America 1976/12
    McLaughlin, John (Mahavishnu Orch.) Between Nothingness & Eternity 1973/12
    Mitchell, Joni Miles Of Aisles 1974/11
    Moby Grape Live Grape 1978
    Morganfield, McKinley (Muddy Waters) Live at Mr. Kelly's 1971/09
    Morganfield, McKinley (Muddy Waters) Muddy Mississippi Waters Live 1979
    Morrison, Van It's Too Late To Stop Now 1974/02/25
    Mott The Hoople Live 1974/11
    Mull, Martin Martin Mull And His Fabulous Furniture 1973
    Newman, Randy Live 1971/09
    Nyro, Laura Season of Lights 1977/06
    Ousley, Curtis (King Curtis) Live At Fillmore West 1971
    Parker, Graham The Parkerilla 1978/06
    Parliament P. Funk Earth Tour 1977
    Poco Deliverin 1971/01
    Procol Harum Live In Concert 1972/03
    Queen Live Killers 1979/06
    Ramones It's Alive 1979/05
    Rebennack, Mac (Dr. John) Hollywood Be Thy Name 1975/10
    Reed, Lou Live 1975/03
    Reed, Lou Rock & Roll Animal 1974/02
    Reed, Lou Take No Prisoners 1978/11
    Richman, Jonathan (incl. Modern Lovers) Modern Lovers Live 1978
    Richman, Jonathan (incl. Modern Lovers) Precise Modern Lovers Order 1972
    Rolling Stones - US releases Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out 1970/09
    Rolling Stones - US releases Love You Live 1977/09/23
    Rollins, Sonny Don't Stop The Carnival 1978/04
    Roxy Music Viva 1976/08
    Rundgren, Todd Back to the Bars 1978/12
    Rush All the World's a Stage 1976/09
    Rush, Otis So Many Roads 1976
    Russell, Leon Leon Live 1973/06
    Santana Lotus 1975/01
    Santana, Carlos Live With Buddy Miles 1972/07
    Seals, Son Live & Burning 1978
    Seger, Bob Live Bullet 1976/03
    Shines, Johnny Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop 1971
    Sidran, Ben Live At Montreux 1979/01
    Simon, Paul Live Rhymin 1974/04
    Spirit Live 1978/11
    Steppenwolf Live 1970/04
    Stevens, Cat Saturnight 1974/11
    Stills, Stephen (inc. Manassas) Stephen Stills Live 1975/12
    Strawbs Just A Collection Of Antiques & Curios 1970/10
    Taste Live at the Isle of Wight 1971/12
    Taste Live Taste 1971/02
    Taylor, Hound Dog Beware Of The Dog 1976
    Ten Years After Recorded Live 1973/06
    Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous 1978
    Traffic On The Road 1973/10
    Traffic Welcome To The Canteen 1971/09
    Trower, Robin Live! 1976/03
    UFO Strangers in the Night 1979/01
    Uriah Heep Live 1973/04
    Velvet Underground Live 1969 1974
    Velvet Underground Live at Max's Kansas City 1972/08
    Wainwright, Louden A Live One 1979
    Waits, Tom Nighthawks At The Diner 1975/12
    Watson, Doc On Stage 1970
    Weather Report 8:30 1979/12
    Who Live At Leeds 1970/05
    Winchester, Jesse Live at the Bijou Café 1977
    Winter, Johnny Captured Live 1976/03
    Winter, Johnny Johnny Winter And - Live 1971/03
    Winter, Johnny Together (w/Edgar Winter) 1976/07
    Wishbone Ash Live Dates 1973/11
    Yamashta, Stomu Go Live in Paris 1976/11
    Yes Yessongs 1973/05
    Young, Neil Live Rust 1979/11/23
    Young, Neil Time Fades Away 1973/08
    Zappa, Frank Bongo Fury 1975/10
    Zappa, Frank Fillmore East, June 1971 1971/08
    Zappa, Frank Just Another Band From L.A. 1972/03
    Zappa, Frank Roxy & Elsewhere 1974/09
    Zappa, Frank Zappa in New York 1978/03
    zzz_Various - Blues - General Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972
    zzz_Various - Rock - Concert Isle Of Wight/Atlanta Pop Festival 1971
    zzz_Various - Rock - Concert Last Days Of The Fillmore 1971
    zzz_Various - Rock - Concert No Nukes 1979/09
    zzz_Various - Rock - Concert Woodstock 1970/05
    zzz_Various - Rock - Concert Woodstock Two 1971
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  8. 131east23

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    Awesome list!
  9. ponkine

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    One of the finest ever live albums. Not only for the extraordinary performances but also for the top notch sound quality

  10. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

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  11. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Not sure if mentioned before, but this is a wonderful live album

    Camel - A Live Record (1978)

  12. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    In the non rock department

    This is one of my favourites

    And I don't know why oh why it hasn't been properly reissued and remastered on CD

    John Denver - Live in London (1976)

  13. Indy500

    Indy500 Forum Resident

    Hard to keep up but there is tons of live material not listed that was released as part of a deluxe reissue.

    Elton John Yellow Brick Road has a complete dec 1973 show
    Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Blvd has a dec 1974 show
    Alice Cooper Old School box has a 1971 concert
  14. Tom Kitch

    Tom Kitch Well-Known Member

    True.... The deluxe edition of Who's Next has one of the Young Vic shows from 1971 that is really good also.
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  15. the pope ondine

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    youre not wrong
  16. JerolW

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    Don Ellis At Fillmore - 1970.

  17. Yankeefan01

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    Tonawanda, NY, USA
    Those deluxe editions, while recorded in the '70's, were not released in the '70's. Hence, not included here.
  18. ponkine

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    An absolute classic, and one of the truly greatest live album of all times

    Neil Diamond - Hot August Night (1972)

  19. pool_of_tears

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    Eastern Iowa
    Gilded Splinters!
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  20. ZBDMiller

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    Worthing, UK
    I'm late seeing this thread so everything I can offer has probably been mentioned already but one that I cannot see, and one I've been playing a lot recently, is the 1976 double by Horslips.

    Horslips - Live (1976)
  21. 12stringbassist

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    Manchester UK

    There is little doubt that many of Slade's longest-serving fans believe Slade Alive! (1972) to be Slade's finest hour. It is certainly a totally superb illustration of the very cornerstone of their career - their live act. Slade Alive! has more atmosphere than most live albums that have been recorded since its release.

    'Hear me calling' remained Slade's live show opener for a great many years and that is being despite it being written by Alvin Lee for Ten Years After. Here it is in all its glory, revealing Slade's uniquely powerful live sound and Jim Lea's playful illogical basslines under the solos. It is followed the the best song Slade ever played live, but never committed to a studio version; 'In like a shot from my gun'. That would have made a superb single, but Slade Alive only gave up one single - and that was a few hundred copies only of a promotional 7" release of 'Hear me calling' that most Slade fans have never even held a copy of.

    'Darling be home soon' is another interesting choice for a live album - another cover - this time from the Lovin' Spoonful. The subtlety and melodicism of the band (except for when Nod burps) is astonishing as they power through this quiet little song. Restraint. You can feel the energy being kept in as the band do all but explode towards the end of the song.

    'Know who you are' disappeared from Slade's live show soon after the Slade Alive! period, to be replaced by newer material that the group had just written. A pity, because here the song chugs along like a runaway train, the bass going subtlely and deliberately out of rhythm with the guitars under parts of the verses, giving that extra bit of drive and thickening up the sound in a way that made Slade unique. Dave Hill's lead guitar parts remain a joy to hear.

    'Keep on rockin' remained a staple in various rearranged formats throughout their live career and it always worked brilliantly. Lashings of Chuck Berry and Little Richard with no pretension whatsoever. Fantastic.

    The live version of 'Get down and get with it' (until the latest remaster came along) always rendered the studio version redundant. It is a truly brilliant performance by a band at one of its many live peaks. The closer, 'Born to be wild' is that most rare of things, a live version of a rock classic, where the group covering the song make it their own.


    'Slade Alive Volume Two' (1978) captured the band live at a couple of shows from the 1977 and 1978 'Whatever happened to Slade' period tours and first and foremost, the remastered version noticeably corrects a number of mastering errors from the previous CD issue. The guitars sound savage by comparison too. Nod's voice is loud and clear. His rhythm guitar is thick and muscular. Jim's bass throbs and grinds and Dave's guitar sounds just wicked. Don Powell's drums pummel away, and with your eyes shut and with your head firmly wedged between two speakers set to 'stun', it's a bit like being there on the night.

    It's great to hear good clear live versions of songs like the sadly under-rated 'Be' and 'One eyed Jacks with moustaches' as well as what sounds like the most heartfelt rendition of 'Everyday' they ever released.
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  22. Gasman1003

    Gasman1003 "The Thinking Man's Drinking Man"

    Liverpool UK
    John Martyn - "Live At Leeds"
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