2-channel subwoofer recommendations please

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by crestwood23, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Guildx500

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    Not if there's a high pass between the preamp and amp as with the Vandersteen 2wq. OP as for taking bass load of your main speakers this is the solution you are looking for.

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  2. Kyhl

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    That might also be accomplished with a capacitor on the amp's output leads. I've been noodling about trying it someday.
  3. Helom

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    I was experimenting with my Maggies and the Paraound's bass/ subwoofer management last night. My conclusion was that the cohesion between the speakers and sub was much better with the speakers ran at full range. Even though the bass response of my speakers drops sharply below 40hz. I set the speaker's high pass crossover point to about 35hz and set the sub's low pass to about 55hz for a theoretical 20hz overlap. It didn't sound nearly as good as the sub set at 60hz and the speakers running full range. However, my sub is a budget model and maybe it would've worked better with a high-end sub.
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  4. Waxfreak

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    What sub is that if you don't mind my asking ?
  5. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    Sub spiel: If you want it to integrate perfectly with your main speakers you need a subwoofer with the following features-
    1) High level inputs (integrate and sound better than pre-amp inputs).
    2) Continuous phase angle control (to align the timing with your main speakers to create a flat response and make it sound like the sub is centerd between your speaker) .
    3) crossover control (obvious)
    4) polarity switch.
    5) level control
    6) flat frequency response in the useable range.
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  6. Helom

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    A Paradigm PDR100, pretty much a standard run-of-the-mill budget home theater sub.
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  7. RiCat

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    Rythmik all the way. For me they are the best value with amazing performance. SVS are also very good. If you have a BestBuy (Magnolia) near, the sell SVS. You could get one try it out and if not pleased return as they have a 30 no ? asked policy.
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    Sorry about he delay in replying. I travel a lot. Yes Outdoors. I know it may sound silly but years ago in order to get a woofer to produce it lowest possible frequency you would install it in a unused fireplace. The fact that the fireplace would vent to the outside would eliminate any resonance inside the speaker box that would stop that driver from reproducing the low frequency. The benefit being that unlike porting the bass would be very well defined since the driver would be in an infinite baffle situation.

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