20% off everything on eBay with code PSPRING20

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  1. Juggsnelson

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    Long Island
    The Import Cd's deal through their Ebay store also has free shipping versus paying for it on their website.
  2. LarryP

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    Ottawa, Canada
    Thanks for this. I’ve ordered the SRV box set Texas Hurricane that was discounted a bit then plus the 20%!! Thank you....:)
  3. agentalbert

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    San Antonio, TX
    I know. I had a cart of 7 to 8 items, with an order total of around $65 in the Ebay store. And then created the same cart at importcds and then again at Deep Discount. One was $1.50 more than on the Ebay store, and one was 60 cents less. I'm sure there are some specific items where it works out better one way over the other, but it doesn't seem to make a significant difference.
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  4. Juggsnelson

    Juggsnelson Forum Resident

    Long Island
    Good to know. There are some great bargains to be found there.
  5. imarcq

    imarcq Pushing through the Market Square...

    I can't find a thread for eBay.co.uk deals but they have a similar offer, although for select sellers.....I bought some CDs and Vinyl from Music Magpie for a nice (better than Amazon) price...

    eBay.co.uk: P20SPRING

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  6. struttincool

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    Anacortes, WA
    15% off today until 9pm PST....

  7. Dubmart

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    Bristol, UK
    You beat me to it Mark, although I'm not a fan of Music Magpie 20% off does make some of their new prices attractive, I just ordered a lot of records, fortunately PayPal Credit will give me time to pay for them.
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  8. MYKE

    MYKE Offended By The Easily Offended

    Got the new one-sided DVDs of Dragnet Season One + Seasons 2-4, at the lowest prices for brand new, then the 15% off saving me another $13.00 +.
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  9. imarcq

    imarcq Pushing through the Market Square...

    Yes Mart I know what you mean. I've never bought any vinyl from them before so I hope they package OK. I managed to beat Amazon marketplace prices on everything I bought today by a few quid or more. I didn't check to see if other sellers like importCD or rarewaves who also sell on eBay allow the 20% discount too. I should check!
  10. MekkaGodzilla

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    Westerville, Ohio
    15% off today until 7:00 p.m. PST (10:00 p.m. EST)

    $25 minimum purchase required

    How to redeem your Coupon:

    1. Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions).
    2. Pay for your item by 7:00 PM Pacific Time on March 20, 2018
    3. Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSPRINGTIME

    Terms & Conditions:

    The Coupon is a 15% discount off a minimum purchase of $25, valid from 9:00 AM PST March 20, 2018 until 7:00 PM PST on March 20, 2018. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items on eBay.com, cafr.eBay.ca and eBay.ca and will be capped at a maximum discount value of $50. Eligible items exclude items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories. Coupon can be used once within a single transaction (or cart), while supplies last.

    Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean are eligible for the Coupon. Valid only for purchases from ebay.com, cafr.ebay.ca and ebay.ca. Any unused difference between the discount amount, as shown on the Coupon, and the purchase price of an item(s) in a single transaction (or cart) will be forfeited.

    Coupon is subject to U.S laws, void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, has no face value, and cannot be combined with any other Coupon, or when paying with PayPal Credit Easy Payments or Gift Cards. eBay may cancel, amend, or revoke the Coupon at any time.
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