5.1 speaker system recommendations - $750 to $1K price range

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Aggie87, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Aggie87

    Aggie87 Gig 'Em! Thread Starter

    Hey all of you people who are much smarter than me:

    I'm interested in setting up a 5.1 speaker system with some inexpensive equipment that I've got. I want to combine the speaker system with a Sony STR DE 998 receiver, and a Pioneer DVD/SACD/DVD-A player (one of the cheaper ones, but it will play everything). I plan to use this to listen to music primarily (jazz and rock), but also for occasional DVDs and tv.

    I'm interesting in staying around $750-$1000 for the speaker set. I've looked at the box stores (BB & CC), and briefly online, and have looked at:

    Klipsch Synergy Quintet III, with a Sub-10 or 12 subwoofer
    JBL SCS300.5
    Polk RM6880
    Infinity TSS-800

    For my price range, are any of these particularly outstanding speaker systems? Are there like-priced others that are better choices?
  2. I Am The Lolrus

    I Am The Lolrus New Member

    LA, CA, US
    IIRC the bronze series from monitor audio may be in your range. I cannot remember, but used it certainly would be.
  3. ex_mixer

    ex_mixer Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    I have these speakers and am happy with them:


    The friend that recommended them paid around $500 when they were released and he is still happy with his decision.:)

    Mine are connected to a Harmon Kardon AV 135 amp. I listen to mostly rock and pop in DVD-A and SACD formats. Pink Floyd, Stones, Neil Young etc.etc
    They fill my HI -Rez needs nicely and at this price they can't be beat.:thumbsup:

    good luck,
  4. Aggie87

    Aggie87 Gig 'Em! Thread Starter

    Thanks, ex. That's a very good price for those.

    Looking through what's available at jr.com, those Harman Kardon HKTS 18's look like they're pretty decent for the price ($500). Anyone have experience with these?
  5. DeeJayBump

    DeeJayBump Member

    AZ, US
  6. Jay F

    Jay F New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
  7. Aggie87

    Aggie87 Gig 'Em! Thread Starter

  8. Jay F

    Jay F New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I'm not a HT person, but I know they have a 5.1 system using the Atom, which I have two of in my BR, and love.
  9. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    +1 on bothe Paradigm and Monitor Audio. Maybe look at some of the newer Polks.
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  11. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    Which reminds me to add Gallo to the list. :D
  12. You might want to go with an Oppo player rather than a cheap Pioneer. The Oppo will probably be both cheaper and better.

  13. Gary Pelled, founder of Orb Audio, was co-founder of Anthony Gallo Acoustics.

    The Orb Mod1 is basically an improved Gallo Nucleus Micro. Notice the family resemblance? ;)
  14. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    I may try the Orbs for my small HT room. High wife acceptance factor.
  15. Try the antique copper finish. My wife picked mine out!

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  16. sicksteve

    sicksteve New Member

    I would go with all Mackie HR824 or HR646biamped monitors. these rare universally acclaimed even when used among audiophiles.

    I got a Guitar Center card, where the HR624 were being slashed to $300/each for a HR624 (that's $300 off a pair)--which has optimized amps and electronic crossover sections , along with other acoustic compensation switches.

    And my belief is a 5.1 system,is that ALL the speakers should be "large" and be exactly the same or basically the same with a slightly smaller woofer.

    Most 5.1 mixes are mixed using 5 of the same bi-amped monitors and a sub, if needed
  17. Feisal K

    Feisal K Active Member

    +2 for Paradigms

    for under 1K perhaps you could fit 4x Paradigm Atoms and a CC170 + sub this would do for 5.1 music much better than satellite sized speakers.
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