A Christmas Carol/Scrooge

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Batears52, Dec 13, 2005.

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    I found that any blue text here may be a link, and sometimes that will take me where I don't want to go.
    So I quickly realized that if I 'mouse-over' the text in question, it gives me the actual address where I'll be sent.
    I merely posted my yt playlist address as a reply, and the code on this board changed it to the text displayed, descriptive but ambiguous.


    Which 'A Christmas Carol' on yt? No one will want to click on this...
    Hmmm... mouse-over...
    ah, a playlist!


    So I left it without comment, seeing a mouse would confirm a list and not just a video, my apologies.

    I guess you wondered why I posted a link about Poe in a post about Lionel Barrymore?
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    I wasn't making a dig at you, just explaining that I didn't view your playlist because it was a youtube link without any explanation.
    I don't consider you an Ebonezer, and hope you don't consider me one. We both enjoy the various versions!
    So cheers, Merry Christmas, and "God bless us, everyone!" :cheers:
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    I've watched/listened to everything on my playlist, by the way! :uhhuh:

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

    Love to get into a conversation on why there are two 1939 versions of the Lionel Barrymore Campbells (the triumphant return of LB?) but nobody seems interested and there's scant info on it, the Poe board link is the best I've found.

    ...and since this is posted in Visual Arts...:hide:

  4. letmerollit

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    West Texas, USA
    This first part will lead to the other 10 parts, well worth the time...
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    I picked up a DVD of 1951/Sim A Christmas Carol. Except it isn't. As you probably know and I probably knew but forgot, the title of the actual movie was "Scrooge". The word scrooge does not appear on the DVD cover at all. There is even a faux movie poster inside the cover that has "A Christmas Carol". It is listed as "A Christmas Carol" on IMDB. Maybe it was changed when they made the DVD or perhaps it was released in the USA as ACC?.

    I was watching it last night as the wife and kid were decorating the tree (yes, a normal situation in our procrastination house).

    I picked this version in the pole but to be honest there are things about it I don't like. They deviate from the story (I read it 25ish years ago so I am going mostly by extrapolation of all the versions). I do like the straight story better. On the other hand there are moments in the other films I don't like as much. So I have yet to see a "perfect" version.
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    When United Artist released the Sim version to theaters in the US, they changed the name to "A Christmas Carol" for better recognition.
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    YES!!! I can't wait to see this movie.
  8. cgw

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    I read the book again.
    I prefer when the film sticks close to the original story.
    I vote for Sim for the best Scrooge.
    However as far as best movie: I can't think of any one that I like best. I think I like parts of different movies best - if you know what I mean. (e.g. one movie may have a best Marley scene while another movie may have the best final scene, etc.)
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    My wife has the Finney version in her bloodstream. She woke up this year and finally realized the only version she has is on VHS. So a dvd is now on our way to our house.
    Now she has a good idea: she's taking it over to the parents' nursing home the day after Christmas (her mother's bd) and everyone can come and watch it in a large room.
    (Her mother slept through 80% of it yesterday).
  10. Michael

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    the OAR is 1.37 : 1
    I have the DVD with the fake WS...not bad but, IMO it doesn't seem right at 1:78

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