Acoustic Sounds announces new SACDs for Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ParanoidAndroid, Nov 22, 2017.

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    You can request the cheapest shipping. They don’t offer it as an option, but call or e-mail and request media mail.
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    May not be a good idea to have these shipped media mail at the hottest time of the year......
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    The Hendrix APO SACDs aren't going to be released till late summer of 2018. I've had no issues using media mail from a number of different online sellers. The last thing I'm going do is spend $10-$15 to ship a $30 SACD.
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  6. You might be surprised if you actually listen to these.
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    Are you (SACD) experienced? :bdance:
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    I might be :help:.
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    :tsk: They don't want to hear that. They're all about to lay down hundreds of dollars on albums they already have 15 copies of, chasing that detail they might not have ever heard before, since 1967 !!!!
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    Details that once you hear them on the new version will then be easily hearable on all other versions...

    Shifting perspective...
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    Yes ! So then we can sell them for 25% of what they cost us. Genius !!!

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    This is the sacd thread, they’re not hundreds of dollars! :p
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    Some other member nailed it properly.

    It’s all about your preferences, hifi system and hearing capability!

    Personaly with 60’s and 70’s stuff, I often prefer older CD versions when not too many tools were involved in the process.

    I am actually listening to the 1993 ABAL version (Gastwirt?) and find it a bit muddy but rather good. Sure, the new version will sound more opened with the high frequencies jacked up but will it sound really better?
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    Because you’ve never bought a reissue of something you already have, right?
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    I'm confused why anyone would read/post here if they aren't interested in reissues of classic albums. This is literally a forum hosted by an engineer who is best-known for his mastering interpretations of classic albums decades after release.

    This post is dismissive of all reissues. And I've seen you comment positively on reissues in the past, so it frankly seems out of character. It almost seems like we've been waiting for hi-fi release of Jimi material so long, that now that we have it people are suggesting we don't need it.
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    Does anyone know the actual release date for the Pink Floyd ones?
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    About new Pink Floyd SACDs; Yes, we need them.
    WYWH: The previous SACD (2ch program) is one of the worst sounding SACDs I have. Dull, lacks transients and sounds "inside/closed in" when it comes to dynamics. I really, really can't understand people think it sounds good if you compare it to original Lp, tape copies or even some CDs.
    Dark Side: the MFSL CD is better than the standard SACD from Capitol/EMI, sounds more smooth and analogue.
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    You missed warm. Why do you need the new one if you think the vinyl is fine?
  20. Merrick

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    Prepare to be disappointed then, as these are quite likely to be reissues of the existing SACDs. I’d be really surprised if they were remastered yet again.
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    To me, this is about the fact that Bernie is mastering them. He's my favorite mastering engineer (sorry Steve), and has nailed every Hendrix release he's done so far. I hope they can fix the bass frequencies drop out at the end of "Fire" on the mono version. That has to be an issue with the master tape as it only has that problem on the mono vinyl AYE reissues. My old vinyl of that album in mono doesn't have that sudden low frequency loss.
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    I can see WYWH being a reissue of the earlier APO SACD. But if DSOTM is on the APO label it will probably be remastered. That's just a guess but I would find it odd if APO just copied the DSOTM 2003 SACD. A good example of that would be Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow SACD. The APO BBB SACD was remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in 2016. The Epic BBB SACD (ES 85440) was remastered by Vic Anesini in 2001. So with that example it would lead me to believe DSOTM will be remastered by APO for the SACD. With that it will be real interesting how the DSOTM APO SACD will sound if remastered :).

    Blow By Blow APO SACD - Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
    Blow By Blow Epic SACD - Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
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    I usually don't care for SACDs (I'm really happy with the price/quality ratio of CDs, and ripping/converting an SACD to FLAC takes me some unnecessary effort), but I haven't found any digital mastering of Hendrix that satisfies me yet, so... I guess I might buy this, eh...
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    There will be a CD layer on the SACD...
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