Actors With More Than One Hit TV show

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    Mayim Bialik- Blossom, Big Bang Theory

    Staci Keenan- My Two Dads, Step By Step

    Paul Reiser- My Two Dads, Mad About You

    Howard Hesseman- WKRP in Cincinnati, Head Of The Class

    Kim Fields- The Facts Of Life, Living Single

    Alec Baldwin- 30 Rock, Match Game

    Steve Harvey- The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud

    Damon Wayans- In Living Color, My Wife And Kids

    ...lots of sketch show alumni (SNL, In Living Color), actually.
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    Patrick Duffy: Dallas from 1978-91 (barring the 1985-86 dream season) on CBS (and for a time on TNT from 2012-14), and Step By Step (on ABC from 1991-97, and CBS from 1997-98)
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    Roger Moore.. Ivanhoe, the Saint, the Persuaders... some of his American series like The Alaskans and Maverick might have been hits too?
    David Jason... Open All Hours, Only Fools and Horses, A Touch of Frost
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    Kelsey Grammer: Cheers and Frasier
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    The interesting discussion is three hit series (by a strange coincidence I was just thinking about this yesterday)

    And this is essentially an American topic, as shows have to run an agonizing four years here to be considered hits.

    Don't think anyone will argue these two:

    Lucille Ball
    Michael Landon

    Then there's Lee Majors. $6M Man and Fall Guy. Big Valley ran 4 years, though he was not the chief star. If you can count Bonanza for Landon, we can count BV for Lee, as they were essentially the same show.

    Somebody mentioned Harry Morgan. Dec Bride, Dragnet, and MASH. The nitpick is Dragnet was not a network hit, running only three years -- but it was a huge hit in reruns. I'll allow him.
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  7. Bill Bixby - My Favorite Martian (ok, not a hit after the second year, but did well enough to enter syndication), The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Incredible Hulk.
    Special mention: The Magician
    Bill Daily - I Dream Of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show
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  9. HGN2001

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    It could be argued that STAR TREK was never a "hit", and that Nimoy's turn on MISSION was after its glory days, but both properties are durable even to this day.
  10. Dillydipper

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    Richard Belzer. Playing the same guy, on Homicide: Life On The Street AND Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
    (Technically, I'm not sure if SVU is actually a hit...or, it's been on so long they just keep forgetting to cancel it.)

    Actually, I think a cooler thread would be, name series where Detective Munch would have been an inspired choice for cast member (Scrubs, for instance...undercover, surveilling the Janitor!).
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    You're contradicting yourself here

    BV was an ensemble show, like its model Bonanza. Long was actually billed first; BS got an "And Starring Miss BS" at the end

    Majors had the breakout success with the show, and writers began emphasizing his character. This led to some unpleasant confrontations on the set between LM, BS, and especially RL, whose alcoholism was already becoming a problem.

    I'm a Virginian man myself
  12. MikaelaArsenault

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    John Larroquette

    Harry Anderson
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    Tim Allen - Home Improvement and Last Man Standing
    John Ritter - Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daugther
    Larry Hagman - I Dream Of Jeannie and Dallas
    William Shatner - Star Trek and TJ Hooker
    Carroll O’Connor - All In The Family and In The Heat Of The Night
    Bob Newhart - The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart
    Michael Landon - Bonanza and Little House On The Prarie
    Michael J Fox - Family Ties and Spin City
    Bea Arthur - Maude and Golden Girls
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    First one I thought of. :righton:
  15. Chazro

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    Edie Falco - The Sopranos & Nurse Jackie
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    Some of these are questionably "hit shows".
  17. stereoguy

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    Joze: Barbara S was *The* Star on The Big Valley. The fact that Long was billed first was meaningless. Breck was actually better known at that time. Stanwyck was the only one to get billed as "And Starring". There can be no question that BS was the star of the show. She had been a top draw movie star, none of the others had.

    And "The Virginian" was a pretty good show in its own right. Honestly, I like ALL Westerns.

    Check THIS out.....its 1961, OK? The following Westerns are ALL on TV at the same time:

    The Gunslinger
    Wagon Train
    The Rebel (Johnny Yuma)
    Wanted Dead or Alive
    Bat Masterson
    Wyatt Earp
    The Rifleman
    Whispering Smith
    Have Gun Will Travel (reads the card of a man)
    The Deputy
    Frontier Circus
    Shotgun Slade
    The Tall Man
    Stagecoach West
    Tales of Wells Fargo
    Zane Grey
    The Americans
    The Outlaws
    Death Valley Days
    Two Faces West
    Frontier Justice

    If you were a Western fan in 1961 you were in all your Glory!~! I was only a year old, but I'm told I watched some of these.
  18. Vidiot

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    I continue to be in shock that Kevin James not only has two hit shows, they're basically the same show:



    How is this possible?
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    Does "cult hit" count as a hit? Am I stretching it too much to suggest Bill Mumy in Lost In Space and then Babylon 5? I suppose neither were huge hits.

    Same for Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek and Mission Impossible. Trey wasn't a hit at the time but we all know how that changed over time.
  20. Benno123

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    Someone mentioned John Ritter. Besides Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules he also had Hearts Afire for several seasons.

    Bill Cosby had I Spy, The Cosby Show, and Cosby.
  21. neo123

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    Also, don't forget about "In Search Of..." for Leonard Nimoy in addition to Trek.
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    Neil Patrick Harris
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    We'd need a more definitive criterion than just the word "hit." Is a show a hit if it once rated in the top 10 for one week? Two weeks? 16 weeks? The top 20? The top 30? What about a Top 60 "hit"? What about shows that lasted two or more seasons? Three or more? Four or more? 50 episodes? 70 episodes? 100 episodes? 150 episodes?

    How many of those episodes would have to be in a Top 20 or a Top 10 for a show to be considered a hit?

    There are too many variables here, I think.
  24. fasto

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    Alyson Hannigan - Buffy / How I Met Your Mother
    Lauren Graham - Gilmore Girls / Parenthood
    John Nettles - Bergerac / Midsomer Murders
    Michael C. Hall - Six Feet Under / Dexter
    Jeffrey Tambor - Arrested Development / Transparent
    Thomas Gibson - Dharma & Greg / Criminal Minds
    Michael J. Fox - Family Ties / Spin City
    Dulé Hill - The West Wing / Psych
    John Cleese - Monty Python's Flying Circus / Fawlty Towers
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