After 30 years My Audio Dreams Are Realized, maybe...!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jeff kleinberg, Aug 11, 2017.

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    I was that kid at Barnes and Noble in the cafe with a black cherry soda and a cookie. I would make them last for hours as I worked my through a stack of almost every audio magazine on the rack, at 16 I especially liked the Brit mags with their ratings 1-5 Stars and their tendency to pan equipment. I used to go down to the public library which had Stereo Review and read all the old issues. My first separates setup was a pair a Cerwin Vega D3's with a JVC Receiver and CD player. I remember playing Bohemian Rhapsody on Import Cd( as it wasn't released yet in the US), during the Piano parts the cabinet would resonate loudly. My Dad brought me to the service place and they couldn't find a problem. My quest for better sound was on.

    In college I was able to save my TGI Fridays funds and sell some Griffey JR UD rookies to fund some paradigm monitor 9's (OG) and an old HK AVI200 I think. I remember hearing sound that was so low in volume when I first hooked it up, learned about Prein/Mainout jacks the hard way. Until then I was freaking out. The system was a new revelation for me. I was listening to a lot of Grace and the kick drum during "Lover" was just nuts to me. Over the past few years my hard work has paid off and I have slowly been able to build a system that continues to move me and hold my interest. I always wanted more bass in my room but didn't want the room to be overpowered (11.5* I was looking for a Next Level speaker that would give me the bass impact I craved for the rock music I mostly listen to.

    I saw the original Giya's many years ago and fell in love with the design but 60K!!!???, plus they would not fit my room. I deftly searched for that perfect resonance lite speaker that could fill my small room with "chest impact" bass and sound stage/Image with the best, and most importantly draw and hold your interest in a non-fatigueing manner. I was lucky enough to find a used pair of Joseph Audio Perspectives and Revel Gems, which have kept me excellent company over the past 6-7 years. These speakers left me wanting better bass response and more of "everything." I became excited 3.5 years ago when the Vivid Audio Giya G3 graced the cover of Stereophile, these would fit my room! $40k!!!!????WTFWTFWTF!!!!?? So I put them in my Audio shark queue and waited. 2 weeks ago they were finally listed at a price I could come close to afford after selling the other pairs. I made an offer which was close to acceptable and a deal was struck. Of course they introduced the G3V2 the next day but what can you do.

    Fast forward to today. The speakers were due to arrive yesterday but of course mixup, delay, so I call and they say "coming today", 3:30 nothing from them so I call and they say no Tomorrow, ask for a supervisor and he gets it here tonight. Had a couple friends over to help with the install, I was mildly paranoid about transport and install, but it worked out. Now I am listening and am quite happy with the sound, there is still placement fine tuning to be done, but they are truly stunning. It will be a late night. My friends were quite impressed with the RL LZ2 I started with. One said they never heard music sound like that. I was pleased. I'm still getting used to them and look forward to getting to know them.

    My current System, all components purchased second hand

    Vivid Giya G3
    Naim NAP 300DR Power Amp
    Naim NAC52 PreAmp
    VPI Classic 3D with Dynavector Xv1-T
    Ypsilon MC-16 SUT
    Lamm LP2 Phono Pre
    Running Spring Audio Dmitri and HZ power cable throughout

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. serendipitydawg

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    Berkshire UK
    Really cool system, man!
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  3. ThorensSme

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    Sweet setup!
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  4. Bill Hart

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    Hope you have some vacation or other off time coming--looks like your set for some real enjoyment.
  5. Dillydipper

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    30 years, huh? Maybe now you'll finally be able to make some time to buy some music. :idea:
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  6. Bingo Bongo

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    I've seen speakers like that. Amazing! :edthumbs:
  7. Diskhound

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  8. ukrules

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    Union, Kentucky
    Those speakers remind me of this album cover :laugh:

  9. boboquisp

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    NE Ohio
    Super nice and clean set up, Jeff. LZ II RL going on there? :righton:
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  10. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    OP, you've come a long ways from those paradigms. You were lucky to have the funds available to grab these when they came available. I have also been building my system for over 30 years. I searched used listings for years before I found my CAT mono blocks.

    I wished my system looked as neat as yours.:cool:
  11. Rickchick

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    Beautiful. I bemoan my clutter often.
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  12. Metralla

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    Excellent Silent Running rack
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  13. SquishySounds

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    [​IMG] Between the blood red walls and the Lovecraftian loudspeaker design I'm reminded of Jhonen Vasquez' JTHM.
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  14. vintage_tube

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    Thirty years? Congrats Sir. I was a bit slower at 41 and I'm as far as I can go. Like you, just enjoy and appreciate the many years reflecting on that long journey.

    Very nice set up.

    Best Sir,

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  15. Fishoutofwater

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    very nice looking system; enjoy
  16. Mad shadows

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    Karlskrona- Sweden
    Nice posters :)

    And very nice system!!!
  17. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    Congrats! The Vivid speakers are world class high end fantastic as is your vinyl system.
    Just keep the door a wee bit "ajar" for the addition of some tube amplification if you ever get the chance.
  18. GroovyGuy

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    Congrats - awesome rig !!!! Just proves that lifelong dreams CAN become reality :)
  19. Bathory

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    wow, another absolutely amazing listening den!

    be proud, that is the pipe dream of many people. love the clutter less setup. makes it look clean, which in turn, (to me) makes it sound better.
    Like a culinary delight, if the presentation is flawless, the food tastes better.

    unlike a ice-cream scoop of mashtato's at a 995 buffet.

    very nice. I'm jealous again !
  20. Hipper

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    Congratulation on finally getting near your dream system.

    I hate to put a damper on your enjoyment (actually, being a sadist, I love to!) but room treatment is the thing to invest in in the future to get the best sound. Not only does it smooth the frequency response but it also smooths and lowers the way each frequency resonates in your room and both these can enhance the sound considerably. Until you try it you won't know and are missing out.
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  21. jeff kleinberg

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    Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. I have been busy listening and not online. This has been an amazing few days. I am starting to get to know the speakers and experiment with setup. The speakers first blew my mind during Sin City on Uncle Tupelo's Sundazed Comp LP, the separation of the voices and the harmonies was just mind blowing. The Engineer calling to Ron Wood to be careful of feedback before "that's all you need" on the UK 1st edition LP has never been more clear or textured. The new Radiohead OKNO K LP3 side 1 which I can't stop playing sounds amazing as well. The clincher was "Daisy Glaze" on a Monarch OP which just gave me chills, a real memory, which is why I buy this ****, to say "remember when we were listening to Radio City that one time when I first got the Vivids." Louis Armstrong's Audio Fidelity(old) St James was like I have never heard it with a sound stage height I never experienced before. Fennels Holst test pressing seriously pressurized the room at high volumes and was not remotely fatigue inducing or harsh. Eye opening. Not because the Gems or Perspectives were harsh, far from it, but the volume I was able to get to with no ear strain was worrying. My amp didn't even get warm and my central air is out, the Revel kicked the fan on after 20-30 min at insane levels(air on!). I ended up getting out my meter to keep my tinnitus in check.

    I am still having trouble deciding on where I want the toe in and if I want to move them out into the room more from the back and/or side walls as recommended in the manual. The CEO who wrote me back recommended I try them in the Gems location which is roughly where I am. I like the crazy wide sound stage with a less toed in set up. Though there is a certain fluidity to everything with increased toe in, and a slightly, very slightly stronger central image. The expense seems to be soundstage width and separation. I would love specific room treatment recommendations though I don't know when I'll be able to afford them. I do have lots of books and shelves on both side walls so there is some good absorption and diffusion of reflections.

    One thing is for sure, these are everything I hoped for. The proof, I'm in a warm room with a warm laptop on my legs listening to Carl's Pet Sounds and very happy. Though glad to be closing the lap top. I'll post more pics of the room soon.
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  22. jeff kleinberg

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    I like the tube element in the phono pre because they last so long as they should for 100$ each. Rectifier rolling especially seems to alter the sound in many cool ways not always better, just different. The image 3 dimensionality and emotionality it brings to the solid state party gives me an incredibly pleasing sound. What will the Tube amp add? I'm always open to bigger smiles.
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  23. jeff kleinberg

    jeff kleinberg Forum Resident Thread Starter

    My NEMS Sabotage just blew mind, I felt it was worth mentioning despite the heat. Megalomania OMFG.
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  24. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

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    Wow awesome
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  25. dcottrell6

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    Very nice setup, I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it!
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