Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery and Imagination Vinyl Question

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fitzchris72, Jul 14, 2017.

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    I've been on a bit of an Alan Parsons kick lately and have a question about vinyl pressings regarding Tales of Mystery and Imagination. I already have a good used copy, but I'm a nerd and want more. I have read some of the issues regarding the vinyl in the deluxe box set with it being pressed at GZ and the inconsistency inherent with that. I know that the 2009 EU "Vinyl Lovers" press is the '87 version of the album which throws people off.

    SO....if you were going to pick up one of these, which would you say is the better sounding vinyl pressing? I'm only asking in regards to the vinyl so don't let the extra's in the box set factor into your suggestion. Thanks everyone!
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    I can't answer your question directly. I can say that IMO, the 1987 version on vinyl is the best-sounding version I own.
    Curiously, the LP jacket of 1987 notes: "For best results, this Album should be heard on Compact Disc". (!!!) I have the 1987 and claim otherwise ;)

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