Albums That Were Recorded FOR Quadraphonic Sound.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by paulisdead, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. paulisdead

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    I know a lot of albums released in Quad were mixed after the stereo mix happened or were remixed years after their first release for Quad. But I would love to know: which albums in the 70's that had Quadraphonic in mind while recording?
  2. RonBaker

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    Elvis Presley "Aloha from Hawaii". It wasn't even available in stereo when it was first released.
  3. pantofis

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    Mike Oldfield "Boxed" available in quad (SQ matrixed) only. All albums were specially remixed.

    I read in a book by Barry Miles that Dark Side Of The Moon was to be premiered in quad in a planetarium. However it didn't work and hence played the stereo version.

    Probably also Tomita Pictures At An Exhibition.

    Ringo Starr - 5.1 Collection on DVD-A
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  5. jdmack

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    "Tony Motolla and the Quad Guitars." Oddly, this album *was* released in stereo as well, but it was recorded with quad in mind. Often, there is a different guitar in each of the four speakers. And the music is really good. Too bad this was never re-released on a modern surround format.
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    I would venture to say quite a few albums fit into this category. Having spent a bit of time listening to classic quad albums, I'd reckon mixing for quad was a pretty important concern during the era when the industry was pushing for the format. Some albums I'd only heard in stereo for years finally made sense when I heard the quad mix properly decoded. For instance - early 70s Jeff Beck albums (Rough and Ready through Wired) all have a ton of guitar overdubs built into the recordings. Why? To make sure there were some elements to ping-pong around the room for quad effects. The quad mix of the BBA album sounds like "the one" compared to the stereo. I feel the same way about ZZ Top's "Tres Hombres". Hearing "La Grange" in quad was an ear-opening experience! I don't want to spoil the fun with that one, but I never would have imagined how that song was recorded had I not heard the quad mix.
    ----------- Chris
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    I would to hear "Tres Hombres" in quad. I was hoping Rhino Handmade would get to that and "Raunch N Roll Live!" Unfortunately after the 1st 2 releases that quad reissue program appears to be dead in the water.
  8. markbrow

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    Yeah, I think it is dead.
    The only way to hear quad these days is through the collectors I mention in the article I linked above (sorry for the self-hype). As I've written many times, the album "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" is a revelation when heard in quad, especially the title cut.
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  9. paulisdead

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    How about Wish You Were Here and Atom Heart Mother?
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  11. RickH

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    Would love to hear that..."a different guitar in each of the four speakers" is pretty cool!
  12. markbrow

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    Atom Heart Mother was recorded when quad was in its infancy; I believe it was later mixed to quad, but probably wasn't planned that way from the start. Dark Side was recorded with quad in mind.

    Parsons was gone by the time of WYWH, if memory serves. I only asked him about Dark Side. Parsons produced Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" and "Time Passages" and told me he'd done some 5.1 mixes of some of those songs, which remain unreleased to this day. He offered to send them to me, but I didn't want to be a suspect if they ever leaked, so I declined. In hindsight, I kick myself.
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    I have actually heard that one, but this was back in the day when there was a format fight over the C.B.S. "SQ" system and the "Q.S." matrix system (and this was before the J.V.C. "CD-4" system).
    I would say "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was pretty good. And this was on a early Macintosh quad receiver.
  14. markbrow

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    "Bridge" has actually leaked in collectors circles off of the master quad tape. I'm probably violating forum rules about pirating by saying that. It is absolutely stunning in clarity and mix.

    Oh no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough.
  15. kevinsinnott

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    The Byrds' Byrdmaniax was recorded and mixed for Quad. I've never heard it but the few people who have tell me it is a powerful experience.
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  16. F.Natural

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    QuAUDIOPHILIAc - Frank Zappa.
    Odd bits and pieces released in 2004.
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  17. paulisdead

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    According to this page here:

    Over-Nite Sensation & Apostrophe (') were recorded with Quad in mind. In fact - Frank Zappa's DiscReet Records was meant to be a Quadraphonic label for CD-4 releases:

    JOHN ROBINSON [TECHNICAL EDITOR]: You have a new label ...

    ZAPPA: It's called Discreet. It's all quad. That's the name of the process as well. The new LP is quad. So will every album from now on. Like for instance, instead of milking your drum set for a two channel spread we have four overheads and the placement of the bass drum comes up in quad centre, so that when you hear them all it sounds like you're in the drummers seat and it's happening all around you.
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  20. Black Elk

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    The quad material was transferred to DSD and demonstrated by Dweezil at a Surround Conference in Los Angeles about 10 years ago!
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  21. McLover

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    McIntosh never made a Quad receiver or any Quad specific gear.
  22. lennonfan1

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    she said her stereo was 4 way, and I just love it in her room!
  23. jacksonwalker

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    Really? This was when I was the assistant manager at a stereo shop in the early 70's selling high-end McIntosh gear, along with Sansui, Panasonic and other receivers. Perhaps I only thought that the McIntosh was selected as the source on the selector panel in the Listening Room?
  24. Larry Geller

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    Most all major label releases from 1972 through 1975. All Chicago LPs from VI through X, Full Sail, Imagine, Walls & Bridges, Ringo (never released), Goodnight Vienna, Band On The Run, Venus & Mars, All Elvis from that period. Desire, Planet Waves, Dark Side, WYWH, Animals (never released), all Santana from III through Amigos, Sail Away, Good Old Boys, Crazy Eyes, Poco VII, Cantamos, most Columbia MOR from that period & too many others to list.
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  25. McLover

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    jacksonwalker, I figured you listened to that on a Sansui Quad receiver. They made a lot of Quad equipment and their receivers were really nice.

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