Albums That Were Recorded FOR Quadraphonic Sound.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by paulisdead, Feb 4, 2014.

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    And it's not quad without a Technics SH 3433 Audio Scope!!!

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    Which is a beautiful scope for your rack. I love how it is styled. Useful.
  3. paulisdead

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    Listing to a 5.1 FLAC transfer of Chicago III (SQ mix). I've read that they stuck with Quad for 10 albums! Was it the band that had a thing for Quad or the record label?
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  4. Urban Spaceman

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    Probably both. More likely the record label. Chicago and Santana were two of the top artists Columbia had in the early 70s when SQ quad was being pushed and their music was especially effective and enjoyable in 4-channel mode. I have most of the quad Santana LPs and a few of the Chicagos. Now that there is a better SQ quad decoder available, I'm even more interested in filling those gaps.
    ---------- Chris
  5. Larry Geller

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    Actually nine. Live At Carnegie Hall (IV) never came out in quad.
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  6. EddieVanHalen

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    I read somewhere that Boston S/T got a second mix in Quad, but was shelved and never released. Don't know if it's true though...
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  7. paulisdead

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    Now that I've been listening to a few of these 5.1 FLAC fan transfers - I'm wondering why HD Tracks don't release these Quadraphonic mixes? If record companies are too cheap or there's not a big enough market to release these stuff physically, why not just master the 4 track tapes and release them digitally?
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  8. paulisdead

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  9. EddieVanHalen

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  10. Jmurphy

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    "Dark Side of the Moon" was recorded in quadraphonic sound. I have the record from '73. It says it on the cover.
    The sleeves for the records also explain what Quadraphonic Sound is and how the SQ system works. Pretty cool.
  11. jsayers

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    That quad mix is on the bluray that came in the big DSOTM box a few years ago, if I remember correctly. Lots of members here preferred it to the new 5.1 mix.
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  12. thestereofan

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    Alan and David Pack from Ambrosia. Two stone geniuses.
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  13. Doctor Flang

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    ELP's triple live album Welcome Back My Friends... was only ever mixed in quad. The stereo was more of less just a fold-down of that.
  14. winopener

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    Not at all.
    Despite its flawed history (cart 2 anyone?) the rear channels are silent for most of the times. A truly wasted opportunity.
  15. Hymie the Robot

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    Yup, WBMF... is a bad mix, but there is a King Biscuit live quad mix that is done very nicely.
  16. markbrow

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  17. Led9

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    As far as Sansui quad receivers- the 3 best ones are the QRX-7001, 8001 and 9001. They all have the high end Vario Matrix decoders. As they have aged the 7001's have less problems so that's the one use. I had an 8001 for a while but there were too many issues with the dual sided circuit boards that are not present on the 7001's.
  18. Hamhead

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  19. alexpop

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    Never seen that one before.
    Eye candy.
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  20. Hamhead

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    This one,


    It was late in the game, but this CD is SQ encoded.

    Live in King Street. CAFE [2 CD] CD2-732 (SQ)
    {Quadraphonic notation on the cover}
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  21. fabrikk

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    I don't own any Quad gear or albums, but I was interested in researching the subject a little bit. Of all 1970s Quad releases, what proportion were Rock? It seemed that classical, easy-listening, and jazz might have out-numbered Rock, but I'm unsure. I've made an illustrated list of some 170 Rock albums in Quad; if anybody cares to view it and comment, have a look: Rock Albums on 1970s QUADRAPHONIC (4.0 surround) - Rate Your Music »

    I do have a few Surround SACDs/DVD-As that contain vintage Quad mixes as bonus options. This is cool because it enables one to directly compare vintage 4.0 to modern 5.1. To my ears, the latter is better, but I certainly enjoy hearing the 4.0 as well. If only more older artists took the same interest as Ian Anderson has on some Jethro Tull reissues, to give us two different Surround mixes to enjoy.
  22. R. Totale

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    The Columbia - Princeton Electronic Music Center issued an LP of "Original Four-channel Versions of Electronic Compositions" in 1976 on Finnadar that never came out as a stereo LP.
  23. Sam Cruze

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    Hello, everyone... I'm a bit late (really late) in the quad game, lol--I was very young when the format was even in existence. (Although 8 tracks were still around). Anyway, I've gathered up some vintage gear that's pretty decent. Mainly a Lafayette SQ-W decoder (I have a Music Hall MMF-7 'table/Ortofon cart.). Anyway, pertaining to this old(er) thread, I was playing Head East, Never Been Any Reason and tried running it thru the RM/QS setting and to my surprise it "decodes" very precisely (well, as precisely as a matrix system will allow).

    What I found extremely interesting, is that the decoding and channel assignment sounds extremely intentional. I.E. Syths sent to rears and panned precisely as well as drums, etc. I realize that A&M officially stopped producing ANY quad titles by '75 (and they'd settled on CD-4 by that point anyway) but I do know that they were one of the few major labels that released titles in Sansui's QS/RM system earlier on. This album sounds like it was mixed with it.

    Any other album/track that I try running through the "composer" setting (Lafayette's QS/RM decode, according to the manual, for "derived" quad but purposefully designed for QS is very random in how the "quasi" quad setting sends to various channels when the album is simply 2 ch stereo). 'Never Been any Reason' does not. In fact, it's panning and positioning is as precise as any "officially" designated and labeled album--no matter the matrix system used. Thoughts..? Anyone with a QS decode box try it and see for yourself. Flat as a Pancake WAS an A&M release and would have fallen in the time period that it could have been mixed and produced for quad (and in this case is sure sounds like QS/RM) In selecting the Lafayette SQ-W to "SQ" the soundstage folds to the front and the rears are just random imaging. Switch back to QS/"Composer" and it decodes perfectly. What gives? -Sam
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  24. paulisdead

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    I'm not too familiar with the Flat as a Pancake album but a quick search about the where it was recorded (Golden Voice Studios) came up with another LP, Captured Angel by Dan Fogelberg, recorded there that was released as Quadraphonic release. This album was also recorded in a number of studios so it could just be a coincidence.

    From my understanding of the mixing/mastering side of Quad, the album would be mixed on a desk with the correct panning features for the surround channels, the mix would be bounced down to 4-channels of a multitrack tape and the encoding (SQ, QS, CD-4 etc...) would happing at the mastering stage.

    So if you are decoding an album that was released as stereo as an album with a good quadraphonic sound stage two things may be happening:

    1) The album was planned for quad but the quad encoded stereo master was released advertised as stereo
    2) it's a coincidence that the phase of the album's stereo mix unfolds to quad nicely.
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  25. BradOlson

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    In fact, the Best of B.B. King MCA CD from the 1980s uses the quad LP master and if one has a CD player connected to a QS quad amp, it will decode to quad. ProLogic II has a decent approximation of the QS sound and sounds great that way.
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