All Things Must Pass - Will we ever get a remixed/unSpectorized version?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Beatmaniac, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Beatmaniac

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    I know in 2001 Harrison led a remastering of the album to attempt to get rid of all of what Spector did, but it was only slightly successful. I'm honestly surprised they just didn't go for a remix.

    In my opinion, this album needs a remix so incredibly badly. I know Spector played a large part in the recording of it so it affects the sound everywhere, but can't we just throw a lot of technology at it? This album deserves the same treatment that Let it Be... Naked got.
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  2. S. P. Honeybunch

    S. P. Honeybunch Presidente de Kokomo

    If by "same treatment" you mean noise reduction: I can't go for that.
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  3. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    I hope not. Shouldnt meddle with perfection.
  4. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Even George hated the production though.
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  5. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    He was wrong.
  6. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    But it's perfect.

    I'd love a 5.1 mix, though. But all the Spector stuff is what makes the album what it is.
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  7. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I just don't understand this idea that it is perfect, but I guess that is just the consequence of me being young.

    The album to me sounds as if it deserves a Lynne-type of production, I would kill for that.
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  8. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man


  9. Nah. A 3-channel stereo mix would open it up nicely, and of course a full surround mix would be fabulous, but probably unthinkable with a Spectorized production.

    Doesn't need that much revisioning beyond that.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Lynne-hater by any stretch.
  10. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm a sucker for the clarity of his production.

    Just take a listen to the 2000 version of My Sweet Lord. Would love for the entire album to sound like that.
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  11. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I would take anything to be honest, that would just be my idea of perfection.

    I hope maybe for the 50th Anniversary we get something. George's estate usually go with what he wanted (no Carnival of Light) so I have high hopes.
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  12. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    The remix strips the song of all its mystique and grandeur. These are the qualities that make the album great. Sir Frankie Crisp wasnt meant to be seen clearly.

    I wish they could go back and re-Spectorize "I Live For You".
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  13. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    My view is:

    1-I bought the album about 3 days after it's 1970 release, and it has been near and dear to my heart since. I even enjoy the Apple Jam third record.

    2-I never gave the production any thought and have always enjoyed ATMP as it is. I believe the fullness the production adds life, vitality, and compelling sonics. I believe a stripped-down remake would be somewhat dull. I mean, I'd Have You Any Time, My Sweet Lord, If Not For You, Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp, Isn't It A Pity, What Is Life-without the Spector sound treatment- would perhaps be one dimensional and sound like unfinished demos.

    3-Let's not forget that Mr. Spector's work and methods were highly respected during that time, and he was chosen for the project.

    Like Zodiac stated above, don't mess around.

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  14. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    No way. ATMP is sublime on original orange label. Digital versions don't have that dreamy density that was smooth without the modern harshness. Listen to the vinyls and see if you still feel the same.
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  15. Sean Murdock

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    Bergenfield, NJ
    Well, I disagree that ATMP needs a remix "incredibly badly"; only a couple of tracks go so over-the-top that it's distracting. Most of the tracks are just lush and "grand" in a way that people wanted and loved at the time -- indeed, it could be argued that between himself, John and Paul, George was the only ex-Beatle who gave the public what it wanted in 1970: a "big" album in the Beatles tradition. Personally, I think "Wah Wah" and "Let It Down" and a couple of others would be more effective if the Wall of Sound was pulled back a bit -- just listen to the booted basic tracks for "Let It Down"! -- but I think much of the album is produced perfectly.

    But call me crazy -- I think it may happen anyway. George had some regrets about all the reverb, and admitted in 2000 that he considered remixing the whole album from scratch. The album's 50th anniversary is coming up in just 3 years, and if the Sgt. Pepper box has shown us anything, it's that big Super Deluxe album boxes are now recognized as a valid product by Apple board members. Much like the White Album, George's ATMP is a natural candidate for an "immersion" box -- just consider this possibility and try not to drool on your keyboards:

    CD 1: Stereo Remix [Sides 1-4] (with Wall of Sound intact)
    CD 2: Stereo Remix [Sides 1-4] (de-Spectorized)
    CD 3: The "Beware of ABKCO" demo tape
    CD 4: ATMP outtakes and alternates
    CD 5: ATMP outtakes and alternates
    CD 6: Apple Jam original tracks and outtakes (if any)

    Every box comes with a free garden gnome. Who wouldn't buy this box??
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  16. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    So I'm assuming you all prefer the original Let It Be to the Naked version?
  17. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    AMEN! You put eloquent words to my thoughts.
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  18. If you're 50 or older the answer is no. You'll never get it.not in your lifetime
  19. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

  20. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I would love that. I feel there are a lot of people who do want it de-Spectorized, although I know I am out-numbered here.

    I mean, if there was a complete remix which is what George would have wanted, I would gladly listen to that while all of you can listen to the Spector version.
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  21. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm only 17, I think I might have a chance haha.
  22. vitorbastos123

    vitorbastos123 Forum Resident

    They should do it. Like they did with Double Fantasy! Sadly, all that echo and noisy gives me a headache... I would particularly love a unspectorized version.
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  23. Beatmaniac

    Beatmaniac Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It is so un-Beatle-like though. I don't really understand why or how it compliments the music that the Beatles played.
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  24. Chuckee

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    Upstate, NY, USA
    I do, altho partly because it all sounds muted on LIBN.
  25. Yeah. You're good

    Fyi buy Apple.

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