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    I used to say nothing but good things about Amazon Canada.

    That has come to an end.

    Over the past year, I have had a number of issues with shipping. A Beatles box set arrived in the box face down with no bubble wrap and there was a puncture in the front. It had been thrashing around in the box during the delivery.

    But the worst was just a few weeks ago. I ordered a very expensive Disney box set - vinyl, CD, DVD and other goodies. And it arrived - but not in a box, just like the OP's delivery with the cellophane wrapped around it and the Amazon shipping sticker slapped on. The box set arrived chipped, scratched and it also looked dirty from the journey.

    There is obviously some internal issue going on or they are overwhelmed by the Christmas season. I order a lot from Amazon Canada but I am reconsidering how loyal I will be to them.
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    +1 here. They are pulling cost out of their supply chain without giving consideration to the negative impact on the value equation for their customers. The only way they will learn is for there to be a negative revenue impact they can correlate to their actions.
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