Amazon CD packaging is just an envelope

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by sunking101, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Every single time that Amazon send me a digipak CD the spine is crushed. Why do they use those cardboard envelopes with zero padding and no structural support? Am I the only one who sends damaged CDs back?
  2. ultron9

    ultron9 My mostly Vintage System, 80s through mid 2000s.

    Florida, USA
    Bezos...worth $160 billion and can't do any better than this...everyone should boycott...truly execrable packaging. I've have the same experiences.
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  3. MikeManaic61

    MikeManaic61 Forum Resident

    No you're not the only one. Some of the cds I bought from them, ends up with a cracked case or teeth is screwed where I can't put the CD in.

    Totally unacceptable I know, how there still getting away this is beyond me.
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  4. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    At least they're sending them in something. They've been known to dispatch vinyl LPs by slapping a mailing label directly on the shrinkwrap. They do it often.
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  5. SoporJoe

    SoporJoe Top 5 Reviewer

    British Columbia
    If I had continued problems with an online retailer, I wouldn't keep buying from them. Why do you?
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  6. MikeManaic61

    MikeManaic61 Forum Resident

    Amazon Prime maybe? Get within 2 days instead of waiting for a week, despite how much of a pain it is with their packaging.
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  7. ranasakawa

    ranasakawa Forum Resident

    I used to order a lot of CDs from amazon to Australia. Many were damaged due to crap packaging. Now that amazon has refused to ship to Australia I am probably going to use ebay for future CD purchases especially box sets.
  8. Jazzmonkie

    Jazzmonkie Can't stop buying music.

    Tempe, AZ
    I've been purchasing a lot from rarewaves via ebay recently. They mail their CDs (from England) in sturdy cardboard mailers. Amazon has gotten very sloppy in the past few years.
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  9. Chance

    Chance Forum Resident

    Morris County, NJ
    I love Amazon, never had a bad experience with them.
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  10. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Only they carry this one CD. I use Marketplace sellers wherever I can.
  11. yescool2002

    yescool2002 Forum Resident

    I placed over 1600 orders on Amazon since 2004 and about 4 years ago they started using padded envelopes, Since then I must have received over 100 damaged items. Same with Amazon UK, and apaprently the same happens with and
    The only Amazon store that still uses great quality packaging is...Amazon Japan, of course
  12. sherrill50

    sherrill50 Forum Resident

    Mukilteo, WA
    Me too. I don't believe Amazon (or any other shipper) should be held responsible for the indifference and carelessness of the United States Postal Service.
  13. Lynd8

    Lynd8 Forum Resident

    New York
    At least they still sell them - I live in a fairly good-sized city and just about impossible to buy a back catalogue CD anywhere. If I want the new Garth Brooks I can go to Walmart LOL , If I want some lame ass "The Voice" winner or something I can go Target but that's about it. Barnes and Noble is getting a decent sized space for vinyl, but overall pretty pathetic.
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  14. RubenH

    RubenH Forum Resident

    I've bought +15 LPs from them and they've always arrived very well-packaged.
  15. vinylontubes

    vinylontubes Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
    Do you really think Bezos has anything to do with packaging? He pays people to do that. They are probably paid well. They do have a mechanism to complain about packaging. And Bezos probably put that in place. The one thing I know about Amazon is that they will send you a replacement immediately. You are out nothing because you can keep the damages goods until your replacement arrives. You have a month to return the CD. Amazon pays for the return shipping. You just have to find an opportunity to get it shipped, which can be as simple as putting it in a local Amazon locker or a UPS drop box. A UPS store next to your favorite grocery store is another way.

    Amazon is actually doing this right. They try to do things right. If they screw up, they pay for your expenses. They also have a mechanism for improving. It's easy to complain about Amazon. But try this stuff with Discogs.
  16. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    As have I. Probably lots more than that. However, I've heard horror stories from friends and read many accounts that tell a different story. I guess it differs depending on where they ship from and who is doing it.
  17. Paul_s

    Paul_s Active Member

    In the old days (1999 to the mid-2000s) Amazon always mailed CDs/DVDs in cardboard mailers which were much much studier.

    Amazon Japan were probably the last to use decent packaging but eventually they too went the same 'cheap' way.

    Finally deleted my account a few months ago as my purchases with them dwindled. Their prices are higher I find compared to other retailers - but this is how modern big business works - reel in a ton of customers by undercutting the competition then once they have you bump up the prices.

    Amazon do have some of the best customer service though in the business and their returns are generally hassle free.
  18. Time Is On My Side

    Time Is On My Side Forum Resident

    Madison, WI
    I'm willing to forego physical CDs if they are willing to have lossless files on all of the download sites like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. I'm tired of waiting two weeks to get a CD.
  19. Opeth

    Opeth Forum Resident

    Anyone that send a cd in a envelope or just a bubble mailer is a ********* in my book. Amazon doesn't care anymore they have what they want and have their hands in everything. Vote with your wallet.
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  20. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It's not even a bubble mailer. Just an envelope made out of thin card. The contents (ie the digipak CD) are the rigid structure. There is zero padding. Any weight whatsoever on the packaging crushes the contents. Just lousy.
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