AMAZON & getting new relesaes on time ? with Prime ...

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    Kinda curious if anyone else is having Problems getting new releases on Friday Release day ?

    I used to get them in time 99% of the time since Prime started with the Occasional slip up .............

    Now the past 4 or 5 weeks my new releases show up 2 - 5 days AFTER the release date even though i ordered it usually a week Prior , it says it will come to me release day then sometimes i get an email with an "Estimated arrival date" or just happne to notice Arrival date now shows at say Tuesday next week .

    I got on Chat with them last night & was nice & asked them why this happens to all my Orders now ? The women ASSURES me i'll have this weeks order Tomorrow , seemed like she really didn't have an answer & just wanted to get me off the chat ....
    We'll see tomorrow , so far it now says i'll get my Album nest Wednesday :wave:

    I'm just curious if this is all of a sudden happening to everyone ? or is this just what my luck has turned into with them ? :cop:

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