Amazon just raised shipping rates

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Scottb, Jun 3, 2018.

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    I’m not sure I understand your question. Up until this past year or so, you got 2 day free shipping on any size order with Prime. So for example, if a CD I want drops from $10 to $5 I would nab it. Now if something drops to $5 I need to add another $2o of stuff to get the free 2 day shipping and there may not be anything else I want at the moment. If I wait for a few more things I may want, the initial item could have gone up in price or is sold out. That’s why I got Prime.

    Amazon has been tweaking the rules of what Prime is for awhile now. For some folks it’s a better deal now. For others like myself, it’s losing its appeal. Amazon is ratcheting up the pressure to be a Prime member by raising shipping costs, raising minimum orders for free shipping to $50, having items that only Prime members can order etc instead of the free shipping on any item.

    With CDs and videos slowly vanishing it won’t matter much to me soon anyway. But I understand that many still love it as it is.
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    Called Amazon Flex.
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    Have those here also. Dirty white vans that keep going down a dead end street next to our place. I think these are Amazon employees. I never see any branded uniforms, they have a variety of dress, mostly bright vests.
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    of course +hey want everyone to join prime $100+ per year, to get free 2 day shipping and the right buy cheap toiletries. i would never ever join prime, i'll wait a couple months to get my order up to free shipping if i have to,prime is almost thievery as far as i am concerned.
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    Yes. But the price has gone up there, too.
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    Doesn't matter, still worth it.
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    I know. I just hate getting the shaft.

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