Amazon Marketplace cutting off low-volume sellers

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  1. Their chat reps get more and more useless every year. I've only sparingly used them the past five years but every conversation takes forever to resolve simple problems. Amazon seems to have outsourced their foreign chat reps to the lowest bidder. The reps have an incentive to extend the chat because they don't have to handle the next customer. It's a terribly designed system.
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    that's funny because some companies want you to move on as quickly as possible
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    Try a good bourbon or single malt for the stress.
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    I know this issue of Amazon dumping small volume sellers began last year, but did it just amp up this last week? I just noticed that a lot of the CDs in my "wantlist" that used to have at least one seller suddenly have none. It looks they booted a whole lot more sellers that previously survived the last cut?
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    The 3rd party sellers have been considered problematic for brands across just about every product category. Having combined Amazon's seller’s marketplace with Amazon Retail, it was bound to happen.
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