Amazon now using Asendia - the most horrible postal company in the world

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by hallucalation, May 29, 2017.

  1. hallucalation

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    Anyone have the same experience as me there? Amazon CO UK just recently refunded me for two packages that this company lost (one was sent on february - still nothing, one was expected on 12 May - nothing either). I decided not to order from them until they change courier (and i filled lenghty complaint to them). I ordered from Amazon DE instead - today i have got notification that they send my order... via Asendia.
    What a goddamn awful ****e company...
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  2. lv70smusic

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    They have an average 1.1 rating on Trustpilot with a total of 91 reviews. 1 star rating is the lowest, so an average of 1.1 out of 91 reviews is telling. I'm guessing that Amazon won't be using them for long if they truly lose that many packages since customers will either expect a replacement or refund.
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  3. alankin1

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    Just noticed that my small orders from that was supposed to arrive by 5/18 used asendia. D*mn!

    And their help site stinks. I can't find where to report a non-delivery.

    [Edit] I finally found a link where you can send request an email reply: Amazon Sign In
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  4. hallucalation

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    We all must complain loudly about Asendia to Amazon. I send just three angry messages when Amazon DE again send me order via this **** company. Instead i get usual "we care about our customers blah blah blah"
  5. InStepWithTheStars

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    PR bull****. If they cared about their customers, they wouldn't use trash like this.

    I'm lucky enough to have never dealt with this. DHL is the worst I've dealt with - probably nothing to people saddled with Asendia or Yodel, but horrible service is still horrible service. I ordered a CD once, which took four days before it was accepted by DHL and a further 12 days of sitting in a warehouse before it was marked as shipped. A week later I contacted the seller and they said that DHL "damaged the shipping label" and it was returned to them. They refunded my money and promptly re-listed the CD at $4 higher than before. They were a big-box seller and I assume they had custom boxes and were logged with DHL so the return address was saved despite the shipping label being ruined, but it's still a dumb story. Prior to this happening, I tried three times to order that CD and each time Amazon had an error or my card got declined or something else.

    So if that's DHL, I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for someone who gets stuck with Asendia.

    First, they outlaw used media sales, and then this... I guess the guy who runs Google also got a top job at Amazon, because this looks like they're shooting themselves in the foot with a gatling gun.
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  6. hallucalation

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    Did Amazon continue to use this company? My another order from Ebay got lost with this company again. Amazing. Got lost even with track number which didn't updated since day it was shipped on 28 July!
  7. Funky Meadows

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    After several successful transactions with AmazonUK (I live in the USA), I quit using them once they sent a parcel via Asendia. It never arrived.

    After reading all the horror stories about Asendia, I told them (AmazonUK) that they were stupid for using such an unreliable transporter.
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  8. hallucalation

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    Stupid idiots! Note that using this crap too. I did order box set from them expecting that it will be shipped via reliable courier but they used Asendia too. After much hassle between me & Amazon it is finally arrived (2 weeks late - i got my order almost after two months!).
    Everytime i tell Amazon that they need to change courier (use reliable Royal Mail instead of Asendia) they pretend that they never ever have problems with Asendia!
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  9. Jimmy Agates

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    Lately my stuff has been shipped by a company called Amarex... they don't seem any better

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