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  1. EddieMann

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    The logic is, that until their computers tell them its cheaper in the long run to pay for packaging than it is to replace an occasional piece of product, then we'll continue to get broken jewel cases.
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  2. MYKE

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    Keep extra jewel cases / inner album sleeves / outer album bags in stock. Makes life much easier. :tiphat:
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  3. PeteH

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    Remember Amazon's slogan, Little Box Big Smile? Back in the day, when Amazon always used a small box with the item shrunkwrapped to a piece of cardboard, I never had anything arrive damaged. Now that they just toss stuff in a bubble mailer, about hakf of what I order arrives damaged. UPS plus a bubble mailer is a recipie for disaster. Maybe the bew slogan should be Bubble Mailer Big Frown.
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  4. MYKE

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    The few nights my son worked for UPS was a big reality check for both of us. The idiot supervisors thought it was funny to drop kick packages, and abuse nearly everything they touched, while getting the trucks loaded as fast as possible.
    Explained the black boot print I'd see on a bubble mailer containing a smashed CD jewel case, every so often.
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  5. Uglyversal

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    It is not the last few months, it's been like that for a long time, dvd's that can fall on their own outside the box, things that clearly should not be posted in the manufacturer package which is clearly not intended for posting etc. They are awful, I left a review indicating that last occurrence and they censored me.

    Yes their packaging is awful!!!!!
  6. Runicen

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    I'd actually forgotten about the "shrink wrap to cardboard" thing they used to do. Used to seem a bit excessive, but yeah - I miss it now.

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