Amazon Prime Day is July 11th (2017)

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by KeithH, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Just a few more days. Amazon Prime Day 2017 is July 11th. I am seeing the ads on TV regularly now. Save on everything! I do not expect many, if any good deals on music, but one can dream.

    What will you be looking for on Prime Day (besides a glass of good scotch)?
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  2. forthlin

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    Did they do this last year? I'm vaguely recalling some sort of Amazon sales blowout where the consensus was it was just a lot of crap. Not just for music & gear, but in general. I've recently signed up for Prime so I'll take a look but I'm not expecting much.
  3. cdash99

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    I anticipate that the sale will be like Black Friday. A couple of attention grabbing deals, with more items than usual on sale at a given time, though those sales prices won't be anything out of the ordinary
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  4. danner

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    I didn't find anything to get excited about with the previous Prime Days, but since we're buying a house this month, I might be paying a little more attention to the non-music stuff.
  5. Boomy

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    If not any deals on music (vinyl, CD, etc) maybe they will have some good deals on gear.
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  6. mdm08033

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    I'm positive that the fine folks at Amazon are working very hard to lobby the federal and state governments to allow for interstate mail delivery of wine and distilled spirits.
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  7. Tjazz

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    Maybe if they mark down the Doors 45 singles box set to about $75. :agree:
  8. jamesmaya

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    Still holding out for a bargain on the Sgt Peppers box.
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  9. eddiel

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    This is the first time I'll be able to take advantage of Prime Day (joined as an experiment earlier this year). I hope there's some decent stuff on the .ca site
  10. Gaslight

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    If you stream a prime video on specific devices before July 10th(?), first time only, you'll also get a $10 credit on your account.

    Have a Roku at home, never used it for Prime video...set that up last weekend, streamed one prime video and got my $10 credit yesterday.
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  11. Boomy

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    In all honesty a lot of music on Amazon is already at low prices. Last week I snagged the double LP of "Californication" for $21! Thought it was a steal.

    Sometimes if yiu just keep on checking you can find good deals.
  12. Amazon doesn't really make it easy to find cheap CDs or bargains on their site. I am typically tracking several hundred CDs on Amazon and a handful each day will go down in price. There is no obvious rhyme or reason why select CDs will get cheaper, while others remain the same price for months and months.

    Prime day has usually been a bust in the past unless you want one of their electronics like an Alexa. It mostly seems to be a marketing scam to remind summer shoppers that Amazon exists.
  13. azjvm05

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    Thanks for the info about the $10 credit.
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  14. Dave Garrett

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  15. KeithH

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    While Amazon is advertising July 11th as Prime Day, it starts at 9 p.m. PDT on July 10th. :)
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  17. cdash99

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  18. azjvm05

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    I see that now.... I tried to unregister and re-register my Roku device thinking that could work, but it didn't. Oh well.
  19. Whoopycat

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    I was able to get the Friday Music CD edition of Cartoone's s/t album for $9 (normally $13.99). However after I bought it the deal disappeared (unless I'm blocked from seeing it now that I bought it).

    Cartoone was known for being the first British rock band signed to Atlantic ahead of you-know-who....
  20. Dillydipper

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    Here's the thing...Amazon is a "store" that "lives" on the net. The net is usually the place we all go to bitch about bad sales, bad deals, bad prices. So, if you're going to be a store on the net that's having a big sale - oh, and you're the biggest store on the whole freakin' net - then if said sale isn't as expected (particularly if said store is the one raising the expectations)...then to a surfer, your store with the crappy sale is going to be "RIGHT NEXT DOOR" to all the boards, communities and commerce news pages talking about how bad a sale it was.

    Isn't this a little like striking in front of a Target store ("Taget sales suck! Target sales suck!..."), and instead of Management coming out to apologize that they made you feel so strongly about the event, here, have a chair, do you want some lemonade...?...instead, a Manager comes out to yell at him, tell him they didn't rip anyboby off, so get the crap off our property...
    ...and so the guy picks up his sign and heads over to Kohl's, does the same picket-and-chant, and their Manager come out, shakes his hand, asks what made him so mad, invites him into the Kohls to purchase that item he wanted at the price he expected to pay, and then gets him to pose for a picture in the company newsletter - "another satisfied ex-Target customer"...?

    If I were the number-one reason a casual websurfer logged-into the web that day, I would damn well hope that more people came away happy with a $5 price on the latest blockbuster Blu-ray (oh allllriiiight..."DVD"... :rolleyes: ) purchase, rather than e-mail their friends to gripe that the only thing they had on sale were last years' closeouts and a bunch of fidgit spinners. How do you do that? Well, for one thing, stop cutting your Promotions' Department off at the knees, and give away a day's worth of shopping to good will and better publicity, instead of acting like the virtual version of Kresge's.
  21. lv70smusic

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    If it was a Lightning Deal, that's exactly how it works. Once you claim it, you can no longer see the deal.
  22. marcb

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    And I believe you needed to do this by 7/7.
  23. simonux

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  24. The Elephant Man

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  25. The music lightning deals are up if you want a preview of them. It's not a lot of interesting deals if you are primarily into Classic Rock and Pop.

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