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    Yeah, I think it would. The site is moderated well enough to deter any trolling.
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    Good Samaritans :righton:
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  4. PretzelLogic

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    Because it isn’t just Amazon that creates the product pages, and when it is, they’re working with the information supplied to them from the vendor.

    Mostly though, it’s third party Marketplace sellers creating pages on Amazon for their own products. Millions of them. There’s no earthly way you can check the data quality on all of them.
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    For artistic items, Amazon's rating system is horrible. 5 Stars means "I Love it". 4 Star means "I Like it" 3 Stars is "It's Okay". So you get the fanboys that rank it 5 stars and the 1 stars are those that had a problem with vendor. Amazon need a better system. Steam the video game site has a better system.
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    :shh: :yikes: Hi Mike, sorry I didn't recognize you at first! Welcome to the forum!
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    The last time they bought something online was 1999, and it was on eBay. They got confused!
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  8. Lorin

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    It also should also be noted that some reviews are based on product purchased through the Amazon Market Place. So those reviews can pertain to used and often “refurbished” product sold by third parties. I’ve also run across a couple of folks who are paid to write glowing reviews by the company selling the product...what a world
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  9. Todd W.

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    I look at Amazon reviews and I look here also. I find both informative. This isn't the only place where people put thoughtful reviews...........well, :shrug:Sometimes they do lump reviews together, but they do at least say if it is vinyl or CD's that people are reviewing.
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  10. dance_hall_keeper

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    Recently, some of the Amazon reviews I've seen are more humorously ridiculous than accurate.
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  11. MikeManaic61

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    Amazon needs to do a HUGE revamp of their review system. Half the time, especially when it comes to music the reviews are half baked, with little to none explanation of why the hated the product.
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    Yes, precisely this.
  13. Hardy Melville

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    I don't do it often, but count me as one who does read Amazon reviews, and in fact I have posted reviews for videos and books as well as music. It is kind of distorting in overall ratings when reviewers post one star reviews because, and this happens way too often, something like the package arrived late, or even the shipper most likely damaged the package. But you just ignore those. In fact I generally ignore short phrase or single sentence reviews.

    Imo a review should be something of an argument, using analysis and explanations. I don't see the worth of one without them.
  14. PretzelLogic

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    Not an unreasonable request, but also don't forget that there were scant outlets for non-pro reviewers to air their opinion in such a widespread manner before Amazon offered product reviews on items. My guess is that they've stayed true to keeping the voice of the customer in all its bizarre, extreme and occasionally insightful glory at the forefront of the reviews rather than making it an 'expert' forum.
  15. tkl7

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    Amazon reviews are useless for music and movies, because the way Amazon has set up the reviews, the reviews often cover multiple different editions of the same product, and people use their reviews to complain about Amazon itself, often without discussing the product.
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  16. Shawn

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    I've seen it with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition - tons of reviewers were giving it one star as Amazon screwed up the pre-order process and the scalpers were charging multiple times the retail price (the reviews were pretty much imploring people not to buy the unit at inflated prices from 3rd arty scalpers). Amazon left a lot of the reviews up but removed the star rating from the calculation.
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    I just get fed up of people giving albums five stars because they like the band. IMHO five stars means truly exceptional and indispensable. Revolver. Electric Ladyland. (not exhaustive, obviously) Very few albums justify five.
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  18. Lightworker

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    This happens often with certain political books that are "one-star" reviewed (before publication)
    by trolls and paid operatives who haven't bought or read them. I don't see it so much with music.
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  19. Bobby Morrow

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    Yes, it’s very annoying when you’re looking for opinions on a new remaster (loud, probably) and find you’re reading a review of the album from 15 years ago.
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    Also, for some of the more recent vinyl records out there, I came across Amazon reviews giving low ratings because their record was skipping. In which the cause is due to their cheap Crosley of LP60 players.
  21. AZRunner

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    I never pay attention to Amazon music reviews. Most reviewers have little credibility and it’s annoying that all formats are lumped into the same review. I don’t need a 10 year old review of the CD when I’m looking at the vinyl version of the album.
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  22. How long a time has elapsed between you seeing the 12 all negative reviews and all the positive ones springing up? That seems odd indeed...
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    Absolutely, on, someone reviewed the house where I stayed on vacation in Italy with one star out of five...he said the accommodation was fantastic, it exceeds his expectations but he gave only one star because it rained all the week...
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    You couldn’t make it up, could you?:D
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