Amazon using cheapy shipping bags for cds..

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by mooseman, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. rjp

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    what on earth does living in ohio have to do with an extremely over-sized envelope?
  2. ScramMan2

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    Portland OR
    Cold makes them crack easier. When I lived in Wisconsin I'd get a lot of cracked CDs in the winter. The OP is for cheap shipping bags.
  3. rjp

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    but in a well-packaged shipping envelope the chances of breakage goes down quite considerably.

    as i said up-thread, to ship CD in a plastic jewel case, in and envelope that is 3-4 times the size needed, with no padding inside whatsoever, is simply ridiculous.

    amazon is lazy and pretentious in their shipping, they don't care. i've gotten shoes from them packed better than CD's, and shoes cannot break. their hope is that the consumer will fluff it off and not return the damaged product because it is a hassle.

    and it will get worse the bigger they get. sooner of later the return policy will stiffen up, guaranteed.
  4. Galley

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    I recently ordered two CDs from They arrived in only three days in a padded envelope, and the discs were wrapped in a double layer of bubble wrap.

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