American Horror Story (S7) "Cult"

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by agentalbert, Sep 3, 2017.

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    I imagine some of the clowns are real. But the Twisty scene in ep #1 was definitely a visualization of what the kid was reading in the comic. It's like a kid reading a Jack The Ripper comic today. I don't remember the context of how he was shown in episode #2, but I imagine it was similar.
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    That certainly could be. It's not real clear what is real and what is imagined yet. But that would make some sense.

    Yeah, the comic thing makes sense.

    But some of the clowns are definitely real - the ones who killed the city councilman and his wife. They left markings in the house which were clearly visible to Ally and Ivy as they left the house (now owned by the strange beekeeper dude and his wife).
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    LMAO That kid's seen at least four people violently murdered in about a week or so. He's definitely going to kill before the show is over.
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    I like it. So far it ranks pretty well with the better seasons. A few things:

    ***Might contain spoilers for Ep3, Season 7***

    1.) Winter should have been fired on the first day. Period. Worst babysitter ever.
    2.) Either they want to make it obvious that the psychiatrist, the detective, and the blue-haired guy are all in-on-it, or we have some red herrings floating upstream.
    3.) The Killer Klowns have changed their modus operandi by painting the smiley face in, or on, a house before they kill. Either that's a gaff or a chuckle.
    4.) The kid cold busted his other mom with that Oedipus stream. I laughed aloud. They don't care about that kid anymore (see point #1).
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    So.....I caught the premier episode and wasn't impressed. Meh. Missed the 2nd episode due to the hurricane. I'm sitting here watching the 3rd and I'm truly bored to tears. Really not feeling this storyline whatsoever. The socio-political overtones are especially annoying. Oh wait, a hamster just blew up in the microwave, the horror! Pretty sure I'm out.

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