Amy Grant- Greatest Videos 1986-2004

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    The Amy Grant DVD Greatest Videos 1986-2004 is how you do a DVD music video collection right! Here's what's on it:

    1. The Next Time I Fall - (with Peter Cetera)
    2. Stay for a While
    3. Lead Me On
    4. Baby Baby
    5. Every Heartbeat [7" Body & Soul mix]
    6. That's What Love Is For
    7. Good for Me
    8. I Will Remember You
    9. Grown-up Christmas List
    10. Lucky One
    11. Say You'll Be Mine
    12. House of Love - (with Vince Gill)
    13. Big Yellow Taxi
    14. Things We Do for Love
    15. Takes a Little Time
    16. Simple Things

    Bonus Remixes:
    1. Baby Baby [7" No Getting Over You mix]
    2. Baby Baby [7" Heart in Motion mix]
    3. That's What Love Is For [7" single mix]
    4. Good for Me [7" Good for You mix]
    5. I Will Remember You [Rhythm remix]
    6. Lucky One [remix]
    7. Big Yellow Taxi [The Paradise mix]

    Bonus Videos:
    1. House of Love [Classic Philly Soul mix]
    2. House of Love [Classic Philly Soul mix - Alternate version]

    Amy's Commentary
    Personal Playlist feature

    You get a lot of music videos, bonus remixes (love those) and two bonus videos, plus commentary. It's a pretty great value even if you're just a causal fan of Amy's- it's selling used for under $10 on Amazon Marketplace and elsewhere.
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