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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Daedalus, Jan 16, 2015.

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    All fine for me.
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    All fine for me, too. I don't have unrealistically high expectations from this outfit. I use an Amazon wishlist for OOP stuff I'm looking to acquire and, on a pretty regular basis, Zoverstocks "shows up" with a very reasonably-priced offer for something I want. What I don't expect is to receive something in fantastic condition. If the item isn't a cat toy, has intact artwork, and the music can be played/ripped without error, I'm satisfied. Roughly half the time, the condition of a purchased item exceeds my expectations, and I just treat that as a bonus.

    I'm not sure they drop ship, as some have expected. I think they have a huge inventory of used stuff, with lots of turnover. There have been times I've ordered a collectible item that was vastly underpriced, and they've subsequently canceled my order (i.e., there seems to be a correlation in this scenario). Their follow-up email typically indicates they noticed something didn't pass the "sniff test" with regard to quality, but my perception is that they've "caught on" to their pricing error. Finally, they sometimes ship the wrong item (something completely different, or the artwork matches the item sold when the disc does not, etc.). In these cases, they have typically just issued a refund ... but I think they're starting to demand returns (which can be shipped to a U.S. address, in my experience).

    As a buyer and collector, they are an asset, IMO. And when something goes wrong, they do the right thing (at least they have for me).
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    This seller is always very honest and promptly responds to any emails within 24 hours. The only problems I've had with them were normal accidents; situations where the wrong CD was shipped and this means another buyer probably received the item I purchased and in turn, they probably received my order. No seller gains anything from these mistakes, but the point is that we're all human and mistakes will be made regardless of expectations. In the rare event there is a problem, they address it immediately and I've been very impressed with the quality of service and product delivered by this excellent seller.
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