Anyone ever do business with this online seller?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Six String, Feb 27, 2016.

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  2. Opeth

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    Contact Us
    BuyMusicStudio, Inc.
    4/21 Billabong St
    Stafford QLD
    4053 - Australia
    Tel: +61280036999

    could it be cuz Australia?
  3. Six String

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    Oh, yeah. Of course. I didn't notice that part or it wasn't very obvious. Thanks.
  4. Agitater

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    Not really. The About Us page states on the bottom that all prices are in USD. The company claims (also on the About Us page) that its price are lower (whatever that means) because, "Starting from europe, asia and australia. By forming a team, then we set up the company BuyMusic studio which consists of a few people. So, all our products are cheaper than our competitors because we sell the goods directly from the warehouse / distributor."
  5. Agitater

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    Everything about everything rarely fits on a Home page. Click the Contact Us and/or the About Us links to get more information.

    However . . . doesn't yet list the site, so I'd be wary of doing business with until there are some reviews. 'Sides that, if you're in Sacramento then shipping costs from Aus and (possibly) customs/duties/tariffs will more that eat up any savings.
  6. Bill Hart

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    I thought most prices in Australia for luxury products that are imported there were higher than elsewhere.
  7. wavertonwood

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    I never come across this website before but a few observations:

    It looks like the Australian address is possibly residential. It may be worth doing a google street view to confirm or prove me wrong.

    Also Aussie companies generally end in the suffix "Pty ltd" rather than "inc".

    If your research confirms the company is Aussie registered there is strict consumer laws in place: The Australian Consumer Law »
  8. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    To me this site screams scam to me.

    I came across websites that were similar years ago when I was doing some research on McIntosh products.

    The wording on all their policies is similar to other scam sites I came across. The return policy, shipping policy, all worded to make it sound like you are almost over protected and with prices that are really addition there are only two ways to pay; Money Order and Banker Draft. All key components of scam sites I found years ago.

    I also found this: I just checked if is trustworthy on » Not sure how legit this site is though!

    If this site is not listed on any of the official manufacturers website as an authorised dealer I'd be even more wary of buying from them.

    I can;t say it is for sure, but I would tread carefully.
  9. Agitater

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    From the About Us page:

    "Why, Our Price Cheaper?
    Perhaps many will be asking questions like that. Previously we were a team of workers in all music instrument distributors located in various countries. Starting from europe, asia and australia. By forming a team, then we set up the company BuyMusic studio which consists of a few people. So, all our products are cheaper than our competitors because we sell the goods directly from the warehouse / distributor."

    So . . . the site seems to suggest that its partners are multi-located and are therefore able to ship directly from countries other than Australia. Then again, not every partner location can possibly have direct access to everything listed for sale on the site. So they might ship (duty free) from one partner location to another - an 'inventory' transfer - but that seems expensive. It all sounds exhausting. And oddly fishy.

    Until there's a rating of some sort on I'd personally stay away from off-shore sites. I mean what about warranty issues, shipping delays, backorder delays, sorting out time zone differences if you ever have to phone about a problem, etc.? There are plenty of solid domestic online sellers, so taking a chance on a new guy is not necessary until he's established.
  10. alexandermarano

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    Raleigh, NC
    I rolled the dice and bought a rare item from via Paypal. They created a tracking number with Aus Post and then, surprise, nothing ever shipped or showed up. PayPal was able to dispute and get my money back.

    0/10, definitely a scam. But A+ for Paypal - they rock.

  11. Agitater

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    No A+ or anything of the kind for Paypal, IMO, though it's absolutely great that you got your money back.

    Repeat offenders - offenders that continually demonstrate enormous amounts of awful behavior - aren't cut off anywhere near quickly enough by Paypal. It often takes a concerted effort by consumers through months and months complaining to Paypal about ripoffs by these scammers before Paypal will even begin a review.

    Paypal takes its fees, gets an awful lot completely wrong, quite often refuses to admit when its own systems fail (processes, online transaction scripts, etc., etc.), and only grudgingly dumps a bad retail account from which (like all Paypal accounts) it takes its fees off the top of every transaction.

    In my view, Paypal's efforts to curb scammers are grossly inadequate.
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  12. Audio_nirvana

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    Thanks for sharing your experience Alex. I almost considered buying a BAT VK-55, but the price was too good to be true so I did a quick search and found this thread.
    Thanks to everyone
  13. Dave

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    Greater Vancouver
    Also so large clues in the sites wording under Categories. Audio Equipment(s), Computer Audio(s) :wtf: A proper English speaker, in a country full of them, would never pluralize these two categories.
  14. InStepWithTheStars

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    But common sense would dictate that the same rationale could be applied to "vinyls" as well. Alas...

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