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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by psulioninks, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. The Wall

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    Hayward, Wisconsin
    Unfortunately I pre-ordered both the Rolling Stones and the Buffalo Springfield box sets from them back in April and May respectively. I did get an email response from them last week saying the Stones box set had begun to arrive and orders were being filled in the order in which they were received, yet I've received no notice of shipping and their website shows the status as "awaiting stock". The status for the Buffalo Springfield box is "usually ships in 7-10 days". That's a joke. I have an outstanding order from over a month ago that had a status of "usually ships 4-7 days". Sent another email this morning requesting a refund for both, so we'll see what happens.
  2. Denti

    Denti Forum Resident

    Sounds like the end of a company. I mean if it's really a question of staffing, then hire more people.
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  3. 2much Vinyl

    2much Vinyl Well-Known Member

    Yikes, and I was upset about 150 dollars of records that no one is responding to about. I have called a number of times, and you can tell even their answering service is getting frustrated. Bad enough to use an answering service during operating hours, but then not to call back, after they take your message, I feel for the answering company to have to answer the phone at all.
  4. psulioninks

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    Kansas City, USA
    With Amazon's free returns, it is making it harder for traditional online sellers to compete. Now eBay has just introduced free 30 day returns as well and Wal-Mart is in beta for a new prime-like service coming this fall with simplified returns as well. This spells bad news for sellers like SSD, Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds.

    Most of the music I purchase is on vinyl - a format wrought with problems. I order about 98% of my music from Amazon as I don't like having to pay for quality control issues that are not my fault. I think more purchasing options are always better, but in the case of vinyl, I order from those who have my back.
  5. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    Wow, I'd be calling my credit card company ASAP.
  6. Opeth

    Opeth Long ago I wandered thru my mind...

    I use my local stores when I can, they are cool with returns even if I feel like a dork complaining my record has non fill or is warped. Even if it means paying a bit more than amazon. Things are going to change with all these returns at amazon SOON. They are already going out of their way to not be cool about returns even if you're prime and even it is is "defective"
  7. pathguy

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    Liverpool, NY
    All taken care of: PayPal refunded me :righton:
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  8. 2much Vinyl

    2much Vinyl Well-Known Member

    Now that they had to refund you the money it will take that much longer before they have any money to purchase the records I ordered, because of lack of funds.

    Just kidding really I am glad you got a refund, if they had closed the doors and called it quits it might have been a challenge to get your money back.
  9. Seth

    Seth Forum Resident

    Hey everyone - first of all, I'm so sorry if anyone experienced any frustration trying to get a hold of us lately. We are in the process of making a ton of changes (for the better) but it's put us further behind that we had anticipated. We have hired some additional warehouse and customer service help to get orders out and respond to emails and calls quicker. We are still not 100% there, but we really do appreciate all of your patience and continued support.

    If you need immediate assistance and you aren't able to get through on the phones, please email our customer service manager directly - Mary:

    Again, thanks for bearing with us.
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  10. Denti

    Denti Forum Resident

    It's appreciated that you are posting here. You have made similar posts in the past, though, and it really doesn't seem like changes are being made. Or if they are, not fast enough. You are fast losing the confidence of your customers.
    I for one am not happy being charged for items that were supposed to be in stock within a week only to have to wait multiple weeks. That's not right.
    And I called and left a message, but no one called back.
  11. googlymoogly

    googlymoogly Forum Resident

    Fellow board members, the writing is on the wall, and the evidence many have given should be clear: don't order from SSD. Give your hard-earned dollars to a local or online retailer who will respect both your time and money. The anecdotal indictments on this site (mine included) should give anyone here pause before clicking "buy" with this retailer.
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  12. EdogawaRampo

    EdogawaRampo Forum Resident

    Same experience here.

    I preordered an item in May, prepaid, the item was released June 29th, most every one who ordered from a different vendor has and is enjoying theirs, I check back for a week and the status of my order read "processing", I send multiple emails none of which got a reply, tried to phone but found only an answering service, then launched a PayPal case, which got SSD's attention, and now I'm waiting the "5~7 days" to have my prepayment refunded.

    Having emails ignored is one thing, but it only takes seconds for me to make a payment. I assume the reverse is also true.

    Unacceptable. Never again.
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  13. Bake

    Bake Active Member

    If they were honest up front on the website and made folks aware of the fact they were working through some changes and let them know what the deal is up front it might help. I’m just thinking something along the line last of “We will offer you a good price, fast shipping times, and take your money immediately but please understand we are currently working through some changes and shipping times may delayed by 1-2 months depending, thank you for your patience”
  14. RTurner

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    Los Angeles, CA
    They just shipped 2 of my outstanding pre-orders that had 'processing' status. I'm good with them.

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