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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by MrMudPuppy, May 15, 2018.

  1. MrMudPuppy

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    I've scoured the Internet for information & called Apple Care, but I trust SH forum members more. :)

    I have an iTunes library of imported music (CDs & a handful of iTunes purchases) on a PC, Mac Mini & iPad Pro (77,000+ songs). I have NO music on my iPhone X.

    Here's what I want to do:
    I'd like to sign up and try Apple Music on my iPhone X only. I do not want Apple Music touching/corrupting my music library on my other devices (PC, Mac Mini, iPad Pro). I'd like to keep it all separate.

    Is the key to disable the iCloud Music Library and/or iTunes match features (if that still exists)? Is overwriting music files still an issue in 2018? Can I even do this? Any tips appreciated!

  2. The7thStranger

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    There's really no way to use Apple Music with your local library without it screwing up your tags on the device if you also plan on saving music offline.

    Apple Music is truly garbage.

    EDIT: And I misread the OP! If you're not going to be syncing anything from your music library to the phone, then just turn off iCloud Music Library on your computer and you *shouldn't* have anything to worry about.
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  3. crispi

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    I did that a year ago and it worked. I only turned on Apple Music on the iPhone, not in iTunes. It worked. My iTunes library stayed intact and still is. Use the method you mentioned.
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  4. Galley

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    That’s how I do it; iTunes on my iPhone X and Apple Music on my iPad.
  5. AudioEnz

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    Then that's all you need do. Just switch on Apple Music on your phone and enjoy.
  6. MrMudPuppy

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    Thanks! So I disable the iCloud Music Library? Is that the critical step? I do sync my iPhone occasionally with iTunes (via wired connection) for contacts, I manually manage music/don't sync music, so nothing gets copied to the phone. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
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  7. mneveux

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    If you disable iCloud Music Library, you won't get your music that is on your local computer on the phone.
  8. Sevoflurane

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    There is a way round this (can't remember which SHF user told me).

    1. Switch iCloud Music library OFF on your iPhone. This will delete any music synced from Apple Music from the phone.
    2. Sync whatever music you have on your local computer via USB as you would do normally.
    3. Switch iCloud Music library ON on the iPhone, and when asked "Do you want to keep the music that's on your iPhone", select "Keep Music".

    I have all of my CD ripped to Apple Lossless on my PC and Mac, and don't think using iCloud Music Library has messed around with the tags or original files. However, I have always left the "Keep iTunes Media folder organised" option (Preferences>Advanced) unchecked.

    I have iCloud Music Library enabled on the PC but not on the Mac as with two machines with identical libraries weird duplicates sometimes occur.
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  9. ky658

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    Yup, did the same, it works.
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  10. SamS

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    Not true.
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  11. cdash99

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    Amazing that after all the backlash, that Apple will still futz with the tags on your hard drive in exchange for the privilege of coordinating your library with their cloud service.

    I wish that they would read the titles of the albums as well. For example, I can’t sync a live version of Springsteen tracks from the download site. The cloud service will look to my library and play their ‘matched’ version of the studio track.
  12. AudioEnz

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    I've never had any of my metadata interfered with by Apple Music (save a couple of album covers changed). I've also never had the "wrong" versions of songs appear - they've all been whatever I've uploaded.

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