Are there any great films that you'd never watch again because of how depressing/intense they are?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by acemachine26, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. steveharris

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    I almost don`t want to know the answer to this.Some movies that I thought I couldn`t bear to see again at some point needed to return to and watch again then think about it.I wonder if this is some kind of theraputic process going on or what.I don`t mean horror movies I seen as a kid they became a joke next time around.War movies like Platoon,Private Ryan,Schindlers List,Hamburger Hill,Full Metal Jacket(there were abuses going on in boot camps),really disturbed me but I had to force myself to accept that it was true reality.Then there are movies like The elephant man that bothered the crap out of me in a very unique way.Mafia movies changed the way I seen the peaceful Italian neighborhoods that my Grandparents lived in.My own ancestors never got in any trouble but I just think of all of the murders and crimes and it`s not like you say oh wow that`s cool man.I hear these stories of people found in car trunks beat and tortured to death and fed slowly into meatgrinders and it`s really a screwed up depressing dark world.
    Many history movies are just too unbelievable.I mean these things really went on it`s messed up.Indian movies,slavery,orphans,mentally ill or handicapped?
    I would just go nuts in these kind of worlds.
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  2. Gavinyl

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    21 Grams...
  3. Andy Smith

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    ‘Dances With Wolves’. Don’t get attached to the wolf.
  4. Jim B.

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    There are some Lars Von Trier films I never want to watch again.

    Anti-Christ I didn't like at all, and there is one scene with some scissors that in all of cinema I wish I could unwatch.

    I really liked his Breaking The Waves though, but that is pretty horrific at the end and I don't really want to watch it again.
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  5. acemachine26

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    I've seen Bone Tomahawk and Dancer in the Dark and I find them less disturbing/depressing than other films mentioned on this thread. I don't find graphic violence disturbing. Its all subjective opinion after all. Although some of the films mentioned might be tame according to you its unfair to dismiss them simply because they don't have the same impact on you as they did on others. You'll notice that quite a few responses have films with Holocaust and Vietnam War themes and as someone that has seen the effects of war first hand its easy to see why such films would be hard to watch a second time. Who knows, maybe a few of these responses were by veterans themselves who have fought in wars or have personal stories connected to these films.

    Also I find it bewildering that one of you can't even comprehend the idea of being disturbed by a film since it "isn't even real to begin with". With that kind of mentality I wonder why you would even want to visit the Visual Arts forum or watch any film with substance.
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  6. jh901

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    If you are so confident, then urge those responding here to see those two. It's on you.

    While I generally agree that certain genres will effect people differently, such as war films for example, I'd suggest that there are tame, common examples and then there are those with extreme intensity of one sort or another.
  7. acemachine26

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    No, I feel no need to urge others to see those films although Im sure that some might find it disturbing. Don't see what that has to do with confidence, just personal preference.
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  8. Kassonica

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    Schindler’s List and the piano
  9. guidedbyvoices

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    I don’t get no country either, but reading the responses about violence I guess I get it. Though there’s more gore and violent films out there.

    It was definitely an intense first watch, didn’t enjoy it at all. But knowing what happens and what doesn’t happen makes repeat viewings really rewarding for me, and it’s become one of my all time favorites now.
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  10. Monosterio

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    South Florida
    Breaking the Waves is one I thought of mentioning in my earlier post, but the only things I like about it are the soundtrack and Emily Watson’s performance. But if that’s a great movie, then I’m going with that one. :)
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  11. HenryFly

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    Every single time I watch van Trier's "Melancholia", I swear that I'll never put myself through that again. Knowing that it will drag me down for hours afterwards and that he doesn't deserve anyone watching his masterpiece for the neo-Nazi comments he made when promoting it...... The film is too good though, and I'm up to the fifth viewing, and fifth mini breakdown.
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  12. Monosterio

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    South Florida
    One of my favorite movies of the ‘90s, if not all time. Heartbreaking and depressing, yes, but I’ve seen it at least a half dozen times, each time picking up on at least one detail that escaped me earlier. I even started a thread about it, in which you commented:

    Anyone else here a fan of "The Sweet Hereafter"?
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  13. Jim B.

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    I'm up to three viewings of Melancholia. I like the second half a lot better than the first. It's beautiful at the end and it has got some superb Wagner music so it's worth it, although I struggled with the first half on first viewing.
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  14. VU Master

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    The Deer Hunter. Great movie in so many ways, but the Russian roulette scenes are just too much for me.
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  15. Ken_McAlinden

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    People on this forum have bigger issues because they are not lacking in the empathy necessary to be engaged by a piece of art at more than just an intellectual level? I suppose that's *one* way of looking at it...
  16. Dark Mavis

    Dark Mavis Local Congressman

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    I can't watch Death Wish 2 again. Not for the gratuitous violence, per se; it's just that what happens to his daughter depresses me profoundly.
  17. PonceDeLeroy

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    Not even sure I could watch it once but I am interested in getting it.
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  18. Scope J

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  19. Lownotes

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    Schindler's List
  20. Oatsdad

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    I can't agree - I think it's hopeful in the end! :shrug:
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  21. inperson

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    I watch this movie about once a year. Love it!
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  22. inperson

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    Peppermint Candy (1999) Korean film. I could watch it again but it is an emotionally draining film. It's very good.
  23. PonceDeLeroy

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    Probably doesn't qualify as a great film but I watched Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke (about Hurricane Katrina) and I can't watch it again. Too painful!
  24. arley

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    The Sorrow and the Pity
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  25. jh901

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    Another way of looking at it is that one would think that those inclined to participate in a movie thread have actually seen more than a handful of "greatest hits". It's analogous to a Music Forum thread where the topic is "Deep Cuts", but everyone keeps posting their favorite Beatles tracks.

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