Are there Internet Radio Stations which are still playing vinyl/records on air ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by wolf66, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. 131east23

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    KMHD in Portland, Oregon plays lots of LP's. They are the local Jazz station. One of the best!
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    Doylestown, PA
    WRTI in Philadelphia (Temple University) broadcasts classical during the day and jazz at night. However, online they stream both classical and jazz 24/7. They play lots of vinyl.

    I think the point being lost in the "why digitally stream vinyl" debate is that there's lots of great music that never appeared in the CD format. Vinyl is the only way to hear these gems.
  3. kevintomb

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    Ya I kinda get the thing about it being retro and nostalgic, but im not so sure, sound quality wise, its a very mixed bag.

    You end up with anomolies from the broadcast compression algorithm, and the bakers dozen of physical things that can go wrong with vinyl.

    I wonder if beyond nostalgia if it would really make for a better or worse sound presentation.

    In some ways its combining the bad aspects of 2 things, and expecting a good outcome.

    I can see the benefits ( to a degree ) with vinyl's better low level resolution and all, but even that is not apparent on all recordings, let alone all playback systems.

    I really have to wonder, if a pure digital signal, with its full channel separation and lack of phase issues, would convert a lot easier and better into digital transmission in the end.

    In other words, it wouldnt have to convert any of the extraneous vinyl surface noise, present when playing a record, into a digitally compressed signal.

    Some of the "additional" resolution of vinyl, is noise.
  4. davidshirt

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    Grand Terrace, CA
    Los Angeles The Sound 100.3 does a thing called vinyl side Wednesday.
  5. Robin L

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    And some of it isn't, but basically you're right. KPFA had/has a good LP set-up, with Technics DD tables featuring SME II arms in their transcription version and Stanton cartridges for back-cueing. That's as good as it ever gets for Broadcast, at least in traditional terrestrial radio station. By the time the signal is squeezed down to streaming size, any potential advantage is already downsampled into inaudibility.
  6. guy incognito

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    One such DJ is Mr. Fine Wine, who hosts the weekly "Downtown Soulville", a big favorite of mine with lots of rare soul/R&B gems. The show is also available as a podcast.
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    Except for one local station in my pittsburgh broadcast area, a college independent station, all the rest, even back in the great days of real DJs and real actual vinyl albums, the signal was processed to death.

    The extreme lows were rolled off, all kinda compression that was clearly audible to anyone and all kinda other "effects" to make it more listenable in a car or small radio.

    I find vinyl really great sounding at times, but over the radio..ONLY on the small independent station here ( back in the day )....
  8. Dragonwell

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    Portland, OR, USA
    KINK is bringing back vinyl on least for 1 song per hour...
  9. Greetings,
    Thought this would be a good place to post this message - since I'll be spinning a lot of vinyl on the radio tonight! I'll be spinning the tunes on Lost Planet Radio Live tonight (1/20/13)! Starting at 6 pm EST (23:00 UT) and last about 2 hrs. The show will feature ELO and a variety of music - and of course, lots of vinyl records! Feel free to listen in and even join live chat at

  10. BradOlson

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    There is also the KFAT stream which plays airchecks from the old KFAT radio station and they of course used vinyl to play the music.
  11. now_sounds

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    I have a live Internet radio show called THE NOW SOUNDS, heard every Monday (6-8pm, PST) on I spin vinyl records live on every episode. The playlist is mainly stuff from the mid-'60s to the early '70s, including many tracks from the Now Sounds (record label) releases.

    -Steve Stanley
  12. Greetings,
    Pulling this thread back up because I'll be doing another live radio show in just a bit. (Sunday 2/24/13) Starting at 6 pm EST on Lost Planet Radio LIVE. The show is a variety, but will feature vinyl. You'll even be able to see the turntables! There is live chat and suggestions are welcome during the show. :righton: My policy is usually, "If I have it, I'll play it." The show will be about 2 hrs, but usually runs a little overtime.
    The link is the same to join live chat and listen in.
    Happy listening! Keep the records spinning!

  13. For anyone interested, I'll be doing an all vinyl 'net radio show TONIGHT (4/28/13) from 7:30-9:30 pm EDT. No format, other than the music will all be from real vinyl records only. "Vinyl and Only Vinyl" can be heard live and there is live chat during the show at
    There will be NO audio compression going into the mixer or into the computer. Everything will be analog until the final step of going through the sound card and onto the live audio stream.
    I plan on playing some "forum favorites", too. :)
    Happy listening!
  14. telliott

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    Of course, our friend Andrew Sandoval plays plenty of vinyl directly after your show on many Mondays.

  15. Greetings,
    I'm playing another "Vinyl Only" show today (Sat. Aug. 10, 2013) from 6-8 pm EDT. No format, other than "vinyl only". You can listen and join live chat - and watch the records
    No additional audio compression will be used before the live stream!

  16. Meng

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  17. Greetings,
    Digging up this thread again because I'm doing another vinyl-only show today (9/28/13). "Vinyl Revival" will be from 5-7pm EDT. No particular music format, just the music will be from actual vinyl records. Although I usually play a variety from 60s-today and pop, rock and '80s. But you never know what I'll pull from the collection. I do take suggestions from the live chat during the show. My motto is "If I have it, I'll play it." Listen live and join chat at
    I've also added a list-serve so anyone can subscribe and get emails about shows. The link for that is on the web page.
    Happy listening!
  18. Greetings,
    I pulled up this thread again because I'm doing a "Vinyl Only" radio show today (been a while!) from 5-7pm EST on Lost Planet Radio. (Sun. Feb. 9, 2014). It will be a variety show with no format. If I have it on a record, I'll play it. Suggestions welcome during the show in live chat. The new link to listen and join chat is:
    The video will be on and you'll be able to see the pretty records spinning!
    Happy listening! The Lost Planet
  19. Greetings,
    For anyone interested, I'll again be spinning the records at Lost Planet Radio today (Sun. April 13, 2014). From 3-5pm EDT (19:00-21:00 GMT) on a "Vinyl Only" show. No other musical format, other than it has to be on an actual record. Listen in and join live chat during the show at The Lost Planet
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    In fact, I turned on the KFAT stream last night and the aircheck from about early 1980 that KFAT played a Lovin' Spoonful "Summer In The City" single with a couple of major clicks in the intro.
  21. Steve626

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    New York Metro
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  22. edbert

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    There's one show where the guy only plays early 1900s records on antique phonographs... I guess he must just leave the studio mic on and pick up the sound that way, because those things didn't have audio-out jacks. Sometimes you can hear him winding one up before a song starts.
  23. gd0

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    Yeah, WFMU has it all. Vinyl, shellac, probably cylinders too. Digital discs and downloads. Broadcast and internet. Crazy-good programs.

    Part of the formidable record library:


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  24. Greetings,
    I'm pulling this thread back up because of a show I'm doing today. (Sun. May 4, 2014). It's "Anything Goes" and will feature a variety of tunes (no format) - many will likely be on vinyl. So the show will have a mix of media formats.
    Feel free to listen in and even join live chat during the show. The show time is 4-6pm EDT (20:00-22:00 UT).
    Happy listening!

  25. Greetings,
    Had so much fun last weekend, it's time to do another! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (Sun. May 10, 2014). It's time again for "Anything Goes" and will feature a variety of tunes (no format) - many will likely be on vinyl. So the show will have a mix of media formats.
    Feel free to listen in and even join live chat during the show. The show time is 4-6pm EDT (21:00-23:00 GMT).
    Happy listening!


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