Are There Rare and Expensive Compact-Discs, Entered in the Collectibles Market?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Stefano G., Dec 27, 2014.

  1. LordThanos1969

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
  2. cd fiend

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    I just saw that Bee Gees at my local used CD store. With a red face and thought it was rare. I guess I'll have to go get it today. Not sure if it's the same one, but it is the Living Eyes and the CD is red.
  3. LordThanos1969

    LordThanos1969 Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Congratulations, great score!
  4. Dave S

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    I'm curious to learn if it was the Living Eyes red face. And whether it was still there when cd fiend returned to the store.
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  5. cd fiend

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    They're holding it for me. I'm going to try and go down today and get it. I'll post pics of it in here when I pick it up.
  6. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Please do.
  7. Roger Meadows

    Roger Meadows Active Member

    Prince - Rave in2 the Joy Fantastic, this cd usually goes for over $200.00.
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  8. Dave S

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  9. LordThanos1969

    LordThanos1969 Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Italo disco CDs can go for big money. I had to pay much more than I would have wanted to for P. Lion's Springtime CD, but I needed it to complete my collection of red-faced Carrere CDs. Original CDs of the group Fancy also go for big dollars.
  10. mscoll

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    UK, South East
    Indeed! The Italo disco CDs are very sought after by collectors, moreover, the majority of these people live in Europe and Russia. This type of music is very, very popular in central Europe and in Russia. Just an example here. There are 12 people watching CD that costs $777:doh:
  11. MaidenMan

    MaidenMan New Member

    I saw a Deathrider CD sell for over 1K. Motek sells for 600+ I think.

    I collect CD's exclusively and have gotten to know the market pretty well over the last 3 years. Many that you see on ebay are an attempt to attract those who don't know the market. After about a year, I began to get a feel for the prices and can't get taken now. I collect mostly from the 80's era and everything from AOR, to metal, to some speed and a few thrash metal bands. Lots of short 1000 press discs in this genre. Most of the 80's metal discs can run between 30-50 bucks for a genuine collectors disc from a short run. With experience, you can avoid all the silly ransom sales on ebay and get to collecting for an honest pricve. You just have to wait for someone to list an auction, and have that someone not driving up prices on it. I ahve gotten to know the names of ebayers who are honest and that helps too. Japanese CD's are where you get into trouble. It has to be purely for collectible status of the item in most cases, as the original masters are almost always available in a cheaper version. I must admit though, some of them are too beautiful and I just must collect them. Like the Led Zeppelin 32XD's and CD's with Sticker OBI's...yum. Sometimes, some CD's are only released in one country in a limited run, and sometimes that limited run was in Japan.....nice. Madison (an AOR\Metal band) is an example of a Japan only release of a Swiss band no less. I have paid over 200 for a couple of the AC\DC Japan pressed for australia CD's. Highway to Hell has that original cover...LOL.

    Anyway....bottom is never just the sound, or just the package, or just that it is one of 1000. It is kind of all those things, and at the same time...none of them at is just a world collectors create around collecting and it is hard to understand from the outside...but it is never just about one thing. Sometimes I will just stand in front of my collection and feel so damned much good music to listen to in there and I am bound to visit so many areas of my collection over the next few years. I spend hours every night auditioning old music on YouTube then hunting the old titles down...1st pressings when I can.

    One thing I will say for sure is that modern mixing\mastering techniques drive audiophiles crazy...and that can be one of the main drivers in looking for that golden master that sounds the best and hasn't been 'brick walled' by some idiot who thinks he can produce quality sounding music. That's another thread though. Ha!
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  12. Daily Nightly

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    New Jersey, USA
    1995 RhinoHandmade limited reissue of the 1970 tv cartoon soundtrack JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS.
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  13. SimonSaysCake

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    Original 2xCD version of "Jazz at the Pawnshop" often goes for over $100. Maybe that doesn't count though since it's a 2-disc set?

  14. RelayerNJ

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    Whippany, NJ
    Couple weeks ago I did a search for cds with the most bids on Ebay and the results were mostly Grateful Dead recordings and bizarre Asian pop albums.
  15. winopener

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    Never seen a list of red-face Carrere, i know just few titles (P.Lion. Raff...), could you sum it up for us?
  16. carrolls

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    I collect 80's pressed CD's and SACDs.
    One thing that I have found throughout the years is rarity on its own does not guarantee a sale. The artist needs to have a reasonable fan-base for the item to kick off in an auction.
    I have obtained so many mega rare items at auction where I was the only bidder on the item.
    If you need to offload your rare material, put the albums by the high profile artists in auction, and put the rare items by obscure artists in the "Buy it now" category and bide your time.
    Eventually a collector will see the item and buy it.
    And make sure you have the correct spelling for search purposes. And choose worldwide because if you don't, you seriously limit your market.
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