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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Sgt Pepper, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Sgt Pepper

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    United Kingdom
  2. Dave Garrett

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    Houston, TX
    I love Arrow. It's gotten to where I anticipate their upcoming-release announcements more than I do Criterion's. I think the first Arrow set I ever got was their Russ Meyer DVD box set, when it was briefly available at Amazon UK for what seemed like an irresistibly low price at the time (IIRC, around GBP35).

    The only Arrow titles I really wanted but missed out on were the Borowczyk box set and the Deep Red box set, and in the case of the Boro set I wound up picking up the individual releases of the titles that were in the set. I had preordered the Deep Red box from Amazon UK but unfortunately waited a bit too long to do so, and when street date rolled around they had insufficient stock to fulfill my order. There are copies available from third-party sellers, but the asking prices are typically far more than I'm willing to pay.
  3. EddieVanHalen

    EddieVanHalen Forum Resident

    I'm looking forward to get and see the Arrow BD for The Thing, it'l sure be a picture and sonic bliss with tons of interesting extras.
  4. Somewhat Damaged

    Somewhat Damaged Active Member

    This might be UK specific but I dislike their tendency not to release sequels. What’s the point of buying Maniac Cop if Maniac Cop 2 isn’t available? I think, or maybe it’s just my own prejudice, that most people can live without Maniac Cop 3 but I for one couldn’t watch Part One without then watching the sequel.

    Then, when they do the sequels like Hellraiser 1-3, they only release Part 1 as a standalone so you have to buy the box set for all three. It’s just puzzling. IMO. I can think of no reason why Part 2 and 3 aren’t available on their own.

    Videodrome was an excellent release.
  5. Al Kuenster

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    Las Vegas, NV - US
    I only have one title from Arrow, Cinema Paradiso special edition
  6. Cerebus

    Cerebus Forum Resident

    I've been picking up all of the Arrow US releases; they've replaced Scream Factory as my favorite genre label. So many of the UK releases would be on my list as well, but other than the House and Phantasm box sets I haven't sought any out. It would be so much simpler if rights weren't spread over different companies around the world.
  7. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    Has anyone picked up Kill Baby Kill?
    I ask because DVD Beaver claims its region free while other places say its region B locked.
    Would rather get the Arrow version than the Kino but my player will only play region A.
    Can anyone confirm that the Arrow version can be played on region A machines?
  8. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    According to several forum users at, Arrow’s release is region-free, although it appears to be by mistake, and may be limited to the first pressing only.

    N.B. I have no interest in buying this title myself, at least not at the present time, so I cannot confirm the region status personally.
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