Artists who have played six continents

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  1. off_2_the_side

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    Brantford, Canada
    What music acts have performed concerts on six different continents? It seems like an easier feat to pull off today for a couple reasons: the increased global reach of popular music making it more feasible to mount a tour in a distant region, and the fact that South Africa, the most Westernized country in Africa, was widely boycotted prior to the '90s but is okay to play now without controversy. I can find:

    Queen - first played Australia in 1974, USA and Japan in '75, South America in '81 and the controversial Sun City shows in South Africa in 1984. Are they the first to score six?

    Rod Stewart - first played Australia in '77, Japan '79, Sun City in '83, Rock in Rio in '85.

    Elton John - Australia and Japan in '71, Sun City '83, Argentina '92.

    Black Sabbath - Australia in '73, Japan in 1980, Sun City in '87, played the Monsters of Rock in Brazil in '94.
    Sting - South America in '87, Japan and Australia in '88, South Africa in '94.
    The Rolling Stones - it looks like Asia (Japan), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile) and Africa (South Africa) were all played for the first time on the Voodoo Lounge tour. They would have played Japan in '73 but Mick was denied entry due to a drug conviction on his record.

    Michael Jackson - played Japan and Australia on the Bad Tour (which also included his first solo European shows), South America in 1993, Tunisia in '96.

    Whitney Houston - Europe, Japan and Australia in 1988, South America and South Africa in '94.

    Iron Maiden - played Rock in Rio in 1985 and stayed "stuck" on five continents until they played South Africa in '95.

    U2 - Japan '83, Australia '84, South America and South Africa in '98.

    Mariah Carey - Japan and Europe in '96, Australia in '98, Tunisia in 2006, Brazil in 2010.

    Fall Out Boy - more on them in a bit.

    It looks like new, big star pop acts can rack up all six continents in just the first few years of their fame now, I didn't look very hard for them but I still found that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have already pulled it off.

    Artists who are "stuck" on five, by my count:
    Paul McCartney - has played South America a few times since 1990, but I can't find any record of him ever playing in Africa, which frankly surprises me.

    Madonna - first played Europe and Japan in 1987, and Australia and South America in '93. Doesn't look like she has ever played Africa.

    Celine Dion - played South Africa in 2008 but I can't find any record of her ever performing in South America.

    AC/DC - never played Africa.

    Kiss - were scheduled to play in South Africa in 1985 but pulled out. I don't believe they've played Africa in the meantime.

    Bob Dylan - has played South America several times since 1990 but has never played in Africa?

    Britney Spears - has not played Africa.

    Prince - I don't think he's played Africa.

    I know what you are probably wondering by now, so I might as well deal with that here as well - the only band I could find who played the continent of Antarctica was an indie band called Nunatuk who performed a live broadcast there in 2007 as part of the Live Earth event. Fall Out Boy tried to go there to play a concert in 2008 and enter the Guinness Book of World Records, but they canceled it due to bad weather and weren't able to reschedule, so I believe we are still waiting for an artist to have performed on all seven continents in the world!
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    The Netherlands
    You can also add Shakira to the list of artists having played six continents. I'm not going to bother looking up when she performed first on every continent, but her Oral Fixation Tour of 2006/2007 included stops on all six.
    Edit: Hmm... it seems she hasn't played Oceania yet, so she seems stuck at 5.

    And Roger Waters covered all six continents on his In The Flesh Tour of 1999/2000.
  3. Standoffish

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  4. zen

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    You can also include ~

    Deep Purple first played Europe and North America in 1968, Australia in 1971, Japan 1972, South America in 1990, and South Africa in 1995.
    Kelly Clarkson covered five continents with the "All I Ever Wanted" World Tour (2009/2010) and added a 6th continent by playing South America in 2012.
  5. jimjim

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    Poneke, Aotearoa
    Didn't Katie Melua also play Antartica as well? Mind you, she might not have done the other 5 or so...
  6. SoundAdvice

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  7. SoundAdvice

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  8. SoundAdvice

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    How many of these are a full match?Robbie Williams
    Ike Turner with Tina(not sure on South America and Asia and maybe Australia)
    Ravi Shankar
    Ginger Baker(Australia/Asia/South America?)
    Robert Plant(he's done all 6, possibly on the same tour)
    Bryan Adams(country number count he's in the top 3, up around 70)
    Grateful Dead(Egypt 1977 most notably)
    Bowie was rumoured to play the Mandala show in 2003, but added a show to the Reality tour instead
    Gloria Estefan?
    James Brown
    George Michael
    Dusty Springfield(actually played Africa in 1964 before getting booted over segregated audience issues!!)
    Sinatra(no Aftrica?)
    Police did everything except maybe Africa
    Jackson 5 i think did all 6, though I'm not sure on Asia.
    Stone Roses(though Dubai is not quite Africa)
    Blondie(played Thailand in 1977!!) not sure on Africa.
  9. ponkine

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    I think most of big artists have played in all continents

    By the way, do you consider South America as another continent? :eek:

    It's all part of America :shrug:

    That would be pretty much considering Scandinavian countries as "North Europe" and Italy, Greece, Spain, etc as "South Europe"
  10. Combination

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    New Orleans
    You don't see a slight difference in distance between Oregon and Chile - as opposed to Sweden and France?
  11. tonyc

    tonyc Well-Known Member

    There have been concerts in Antarctica. You would think by now a major artist would have participated to make the claim of performing on every continent.
  12. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Yeah, surely there's North America (Canada, USA and Mexico), Central America, and South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc), but it's all part of a big continent called America :shrug:
  13. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident


    I've never seen it ever refered as the same continent in any official capacity. There's even the "Pan-Am" games. I've also heard "The Americas" but never heard "America"

    Africa/Asia/Europe are all connected by land.
  14. zen

    zen Forum Resident


    The Americas look to be hanging by a thread (unlike Asia and Europe).
  15. mesaboogie

    mesaboogie Well-Known Member

    the people who write the text books write history. why are you not arguing Europe and Africa and Asia? there is a lot of connections.

    but hey, if you want water between things, we dug the panama canal. that should count for something.
  16. mesaboogie

    mesaboogie Well-Known Member

    once upon a time many in the us and elsewhere had 6 continent point of views. that's gotta be close to a hundred years ago though.
  17. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Ok my friends :agree:

    But if you happen to come to South America, you'll never find a person from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, etc saying "The Americas" or something. It's all simply "America".

    It's all habit, customs, ways to say things. It's the same with units: No one in here use inches, feets, miles, pounds, etc. It's all centimeters, meters, kilometers, kilograms, etc

    Peace :wave:
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  18. Bob F

    Bob F Forum Resident

    Frank Sinatra played all six continents, and he did so much earlier than anyone else mentioned above. He first visited North Africa in 1945, as part of a USO tour to entertain the troops during WWII. Offhand, he also performed a televised concert before the pyramids in Egypt, and did concerts in South Africa.
  19. houston

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    Dallas, Texas, USA

    I know someone who played INCONTINENT :D
  20. houston

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    Dallas, Texas, USA
    don't know how many total Continents he played, but I always thought it cool, that Phil Collins played London & Philly the same day at Live Aid
  21. Black Elk

    Black Elk Music Lover

    Bay Area, U.S.A.
    Henry Kaiser, hoping the tour plane doesn't leave without him!! :)

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  22. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    That hasn't been my experience at all. Most of my South American friends (the Argentinians and Brazilians are an exception) say they're from the country, followed by South America, i.e. "I'm from Chile, South America," etc.
  23. jukes

    jukes Forum Resident

    Southern Finland
    [I was taught at the school that there are 6 continents: Africa, Americas (North & South), Antarctica, Australia & Eurasia. Sometime later I stumbled on a view, according to that there are only four continents (America, Antarctica, Australia & huge Afroeurasia). When I now look at the Wikipedia, I see they're almost confusing things all the way from geographical areas to continental shelfs to tectonic plates... Confusing? Sure.]
  24. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Yes, we all say "South America", but the difference is that no one from South America consider that South America is a different continent than North America. It's just a different region, just like Central America. It's the way we were educated from countless generations. We do have 6 continents, but these are: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica :wave:

    Think about date: we never say "June 2nd", we all say "2 de Junio" (2nd of June). So we write, for example 12-06-2013 to say 12 June 2013.
    It's just different habits and ways. That's all

    Peace mate :)
  25. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident


    He got on a plane for several hours.

    Def Leppard did 3 shows on 3 continents on October 23rd 1995 to promote their greatest hits disc. Tangiers Morocco, London and Vancouver.
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