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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by CarlosofCoronado, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. CarlosofCoronado

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    Caught them in Kettering OH last night. Strong two set (730-930).
    Wakeman, in cape, was fantastic. Rabin was loud, and Anderson held out pretty well for being 74 years 11 months :)

    Very wonderful version of Awake---Wakeman playful with the pipe organ, hit a very deep and low bass notes several times that got your stomach feeling it.

    Anderson still shortest member, Rabin aging well.

    Fine night, fine music, no rain during the show at an outdoor venue, but did before and after. To use Anderson's words, "It was magical". :)


  2. Saw them in Utrecht last March, lovely evening. Wakeman indeed still fantastic and Anderson and Rabin's voices were better than I had dared to hope for.
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  3. I see this leg has a shortened set list and no new material - shame.
    However, some Talk material at last. I am waiting is a classic song. How did it sound live?
    Shame I won't get to see it!
  4. gregorya

    gregorya Forum Resident

    I see a theme emerging... perhaps it will become clearer shortly... ;)
  5. Digital-G

    Digital-G Forum Resident

    Dayton, OH
    I was at that show last night too! 7th row center. I agree that it was very good - their voices sounded wonderful.

    My only complaint was that I was hoping to hear Starship Trooper. And/or Yours in No Disgrace. Two of my favorites.

    Wikipedia says that Jon Anderson is 72, btw. He looks and sounds great.
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  6. dvcarrick

    dvcarrick Forum Resident

    I would like to see more from 90125/Big Generator and Talk... I feel its a wee bit of a missed opportunity... although I thoroughly enjoyed the Glasgow show earlier in teh year... I'd be more likely to go and see ARW again than the current incantation of Yes again.
  7. AidanB

    AidanB Forum Resident

    Indiana, USA
    Actually skipped out on this one due to monetary reasons, and after checking the setlist, I'm kind if okay with it. It's not that I don't nessecarily want to see them, I saw them last year in Chicago and it was fantastic, but if they're only going to be playing close to the same setlist night after night, I'd rather spend my money on somebody like King Crimson. I really want to see these guys again, and would much rather see them than Howe's Yes, but I can't be pushed to buy a ticket unless they start expanding the setlist to be more interesting.
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  8. walrus

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    Nashville, TN

    They did "Trooper" once but then dropped it. I think in an interview, aside from pointing out that neither Rabin nor Wakeman played on the original, breaking the "rule of 2" they have for the set, they said that it had just been played to death over the years (as has YIND), and I can't say I disagree. ("Perpetual Change" breaks that rule, but I thought it was a great opener) It's an absolute classic, of course, but I didn't miss it in the set, and I'd rather they do rarer songs.
  9. Sparkler

    Sparkler Forum Resident

    Leesburg, VA
    I'm seeing them tonight at WolfTrap in VA. Very happy to hear this, thanks!
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  10. Preston

    Preston Forum Resident

    KCMO Metro USA
    I saw them in Kansas City at the Kaufman Center, which is designed mainly for classical music and has superb acoustics (I've seen several other shows at this venue). The performance by the band was excellent (though they should have played a few more songs, IMHO: the audience deserved another encore, as they were rabid and rapturous), but the sound was terrible. It was compressed. Very strange considering that a top flight international firm did the acoustic design for the facility. I was about 20 rows from the stage in the center, so the sound should have been incredible and I expected it to be, considering the care they put into the sound of their studio albums. Weird.
  11. CarlosofCoronado

    CarlosofCoronado Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I was still tired this you can tell by my incorrect spelling. Still great for his age. :)
  12. Sparkler

    Sparkler Forum Resident

    Leesburg, VA
    And now I'm tired, yet so energized after seeing them in VA tonight. Same setlist as last night in Kettering, OH. What a great show -- Jon Anderson's voice is still great after nearly 50 years since many of those classics were recorded. And Rick is in fine form, cape and all. Rabin was great. This was really a treat and I'm grateful to have seen them tonight. Fantastic show! Wonderful memories made!
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  13. Squealy

    Squealy Forum Hall Of Fame

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed your shows but there's already at least two threads about the ARW tour to post in ....

    Yes threads are proliferating to Beatlesque levels lately....
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  14. CarlosofCoronado

    CarlosofCoronado Forum Resident Thread Starter

    We were L row center stage, so I take it you were surrounded by young screaming XX types all night :)
  15. Digital-G

    Digital-G Forum Resident

    Dayton, OH
    No young screaming fans around us. In fact we probably brought the average age around us down a bit. :D

    I will say this crowd was notably younger than the crowd for the Moody Blues a couple of months ago. I assume that was due to the groups popularity in the 1980's (even though the Moodies enjoyed some of that too).
  16. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    I've noticed in recent years that Moody Blues pop music is more pleasing to senior citizens, than Yes' progressive rock. Love both bands by the way...but they're different beasts.
  17. peteham

    peteham Forum Resident

    Simcoe County
    Beautiful show in Toronto tonight. Just fantastic.
  18. vinylphile

    vinylphile Forum Resident

    Agree. Very satisfying. They can still bring it. Better than the other touring outfit that calls itself Yes.
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  19. CarlosofCoronado

    CarlosofCoronado Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Were you at the Moody's show at Fraze too. We were on the lawn, but still a great show. Too bad they did not use Pinder as the floating head :)
  20. Digital-G

    Digital-G Forum Resident

    Dayton, OH
    Yes, that's where we saw them. Very close to the stage. And I agree that Pinders head, and voice, would have been cool, although I really didn't mind Jeremy Irons.
  21. Fred68

    Fred68 Loves Music

    Saw Jon, Rick and Trevor in Reading tonight. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Highly recommended if you have a chance to catch them on this tour. Their rhythm section is top notch, and ARW truly seem to be enjoying themselves. I swear Jon looked like he was getting younger as the night progressed (no, I wasn't drinking).
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  22. FloydMaui

    FloydMaui Forum Resident

    May 18, 2018 : today is Rick Wakeman's 69th birthday :cheers:

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