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  1. It's been over a year since I saw a (now closed) discussion about AF remastering Bad Company's Run With The Pack.

    Anyone know if this project might still be in the works or did it not clear legal hurdles?

    For the record, if any of the other remaining Bad Company Paul Rodgers era master tapes remain in existence, I'd love to see AF do them.

    Love the forum!!!
  2. full moon

    full moon Well-Known Member

    Haven't heard a word about this. Doubt it
  3. I would buy it.
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  4. NewKidInTown

    NewKidInTown Well-Known Member

    York, PA, USA
    Wow, if this were true...:goodie:
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  5. Quark1134

    Quark1134 Active Member

    A definite buy for me - just make it happen. :)
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  6. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    I want this one too. With the foil cover please!
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  7. agentalbert

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    San Antonio, TX
    Write AF/Marshall and ask. The AF Bad Company CD's have been outstanding, so I'd get this for sure, but the original Atlantic is very nice sounding. Just as was the case with the S/T and Straight Shooter.
  8. full moon

    full moon Well-Known Member

    I would rather get Desolation Angels, but I would buy this also.
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  9. Sandinista

    Sandinista Formerly hightower68

    I dig Bad Co - would be in for any of the first handful
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  10. joelee

    joelee Well-Known Member

    The original mastering (and the remaster) sound very good to me.
  11. I always felt like Barry's version sounded dull, especially the lower end. I have read that the tapes that were given to Barry were a generation removed from the original masters. I guess this must just be the way the original recordings sounded. I generally love and seek out Barry's work though.

    The only Bad Company remaster I have is Desolation Angels and I find it to be a bit too harsh and compressed so I never purchased any of the other Bad Company remasters.

    I have the AF Bad Company and Straight Shooter and would certainly buy any AF versions of the rest of the Paul Rodgers era albums by the band.
  12. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Ditto for me except for Rough Turds - er I mean Diamonds. Except for one song (Electricland) that record is just beyond awful. There must be some story behind it to explain how something that awful got created and released. It is embarrassingly bad. Just my opinion of course - coming from a big Bad Co., Paul Rodgers solo/Free, and Mick Ralphs/Mott fan. That record makes me cringe.
  13. quicksrt

    quicksrt Forum Resident

    City of Angels
    I know, yes you are correct, and it is a turd. I was unlucky enough at the same time to buy Aerosmith's Rock in a Hard Place, and UFOs album of that same year (I have thankfully forgotten the title), so I got three lemons in one sweep. I ditched hard rock for good after that. It was the moment of my new awakening.
  14. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Oh man, that is too funny. :D

    I am a hard rock junkie and would have bought all 3 of those albums you mentioned as well. Although I don't recall if I got them all at once like you (I hope not!! I don't think the human body is made for such punishment as listening to those 3 albums back to back to back). That would have been 1982 btw. The UFO record you speak of would be Mechanix.

    All 3 of those records are pretty weak. I honestly cannot remember what a single song sounds like on Rock in Turd Place (might as well put the T word in for that album too). I've erased that album from my memory. I never even bothered to pick it up on CD so it's probably been 31 years since I heard it - did I even play it more than once? Uggh.

    Mechanix is the best of that bunch though - I actually just listened to it last week thanks to a UFO thread up here, wanting to refamiliarize myself with it. It actually has a couple decent songs but I hate how they added a saxophone to their sound, does not work at all and ruins at least one great song (opening track The Writer). But it also has a pretty vomit inducing version of Eddie Cochrane's "Somethin' Else", with bleating saxophone in full force. Not an album I'll be listening to again soon.
  15. Steel Horse

    Steel Horse Well-Known Member

    Uppsala, SWEDEN
    Instant buy.... Crossing my fingers for this.
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  16. quicksrt

    quicksrt Forum Resident

    City of Angels
    No, no Mechanix is a F-ing masterwork compared to what I was trying to recall, it was "Making Contact" bought via UK import (extra cash) to have before a US release that was gotten at the same time as Rough Turds, and Rock in a Burned out Place. Making Contact (I don't care what the UFO A by A thread says) is one lame album, with solos cross-faded into each other as if the guitarist could not complete one good solid take.

    So now you see, three real solid career killing flops in one sweep!
  17. ShawnX

    ShawnX Forum Resident

    I'd like DAs, first.
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  18. As far as Bad Co's Rough Diamonds, reportedly the band members were reeling from the deaths of John Bonham and John Lennon.....along with their manager quitting....and then fighting amongst themselves during the making of the album.

    I'd still like to have a well done remaster of the album though.

    Bad Co. was on Leno last night performing the song Bad Company. Paul Rodgers is still sounding great at age 63!
  19. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Making Contact came out the next year (1983). Interesting observation about the guitar solos, I never noticed that. It has a couple OK songs on it and but what I remember (just listened to that one about a week ago too) nothing really clicks for me, but at least it doesn't have saxophone on it so I probably like it more than Mechanix. I have no desire to play it again though....
  20. quicksrt

    quicksrt Forum Resident

    City of Angels
    Well, the single from the album, or the lead radio track was called "Lightning Strikes" and was rather half-baked. Once Joe Perry rejoined the band, and performed it live with them it caught a little more fire with Joe singing parts of the lead vocals with Steven, which gives the song some of the classic Aero vibe. There is a live version from the 1987 Westwood One b'cast I am specificly refering to. This album is to Aerosmith what Cut the Crap is to the Clash, they kind of forget it was ever made, or they try to forget it was ever made.

    Rough Diamonds will get the Audio Fidelity treatment after Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, and John Lennon's Life with the Lions comes out on gold disc.
  21. marcb

    marcb Forum Resident

    DC area
    Wow, Paul Rodgers is only 63? He must have been 17 or 18 when Free formed.
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  22. Neilson77

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    Nottingham UK
    Love the drum sound on this album. I have the UK and US RL Vinyl. Would be great to see how Steve could make it sound on CD!
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  23. Great news....I wrote Marshall and he indicates the Bad Co. Run With The Pack project is still alive and awaiting final approval at this point. This will be a great release!
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  24. ffracer

    ffracer Forum Resident

    Good, I'll get this when it comes out!
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