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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jsr, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Purchased a new step up AN S-4 along with new tt2 deluxe, outboard ps, arm 3 , io1 and Meishu silver sig(replacing otto). It was a long difficult wait as I had sold my LP12 prior to pulling the trigger on the new stuff. After installation found that I needed to turn up the volume to 80% just to get reasonable listening level on my AN E LX's. Dealer loaned me an S-8 while the problem is being investigated, no volume issue with it(s8) and it sounds great but did not have s-4 long enough to know the difference. I was considering keeping the S-8 but after some great input on another thread I will stick with the S-4, at least for now. I am not sure what will be done by Audio Note to rectify the problem with the S-4 I expect an answer in a week or so. Has anyone experienced this issue.
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    S4 has less gain than S8 but in practice the difference is so small it doesn't make a difference. So there is something strange with the SUT if you have to turn your volume up to 80% of maximum. I'm thinking that could it be possible that they sent a wrong SUT from the factory. Instead of S-4L some other S-4 meant for a different (non AN) cartridge..
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    Thats what I think too
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    Dear jsr, we have discussed the problem with Even, and as far as i know the S4 is on its way back to us for inspection. It sounds to me like there is a miswiring in the transformer, so we will have to not only make that right, but also investigate how it managed to get past our assembly and test procedures.

    It is from examples like this that we learn what we do not test, annoying as that may be!

    Sorry about this, what more can I say?

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    These things are bound to happen on occasion despite all efforts to prevent them. Its tough not being able to listen to my records but all in all my new AN gear is amazing and nothing has even bedded in .....will only get better from here. I have had a lot of your product go through my listening room over the years and never had a problem. I am now happy to say its all AN start to finish.
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    I’m glad that they are going to look after you after having the problem with the SUT. The only thing that I can add is that the AN-S8/Lo combined with the Io Gold is the best analog source that I have ever owned. I would keep the S8 if I were you, but it’s awfully easy for me to spend your money!
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