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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by emjel, May 11, 2017.

  1. emjel

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    My AT440 lost its stylus a couple of weeks ago and as it was still under warranty, AT (UK) asked me to send it back to them via the retailer I bought it from. They have admitted the 440 must have been faulty, but as they no longer make thus cartridge are sending a VM530EN as a replacement.

    Out of curiosity, I emailed AT US asking if this new cartridge would be okay to use with my AT120USB Turntable and they told me that the perfect replacement for the AT440 was the VM540. Is there likely to be a compatibility issue with the 530 on my turntable or will the difference be negligible and not worth worrying about.
  2. McLover

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    East TN
    You should not have any issues with the VM 530EN as it is the AT 440 MLb replacement. Newer version. Install, set up and enjoy thy vinyl!
  3. spintheblack72

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    Just got one of these babies, took my RP3 to my local Hifi retailer and got him to fit it for me, it's replacing a Elys 2 that has been on there since I bought the TT back December 2013.

    He said it will need a good 100 hours to settle in but I'm already seeing an uptick in the sound, got my 45rpm Radiohead In Rainbows playing and I can tell the difference already, all now set for a good few years and I've upgraded my sound somewhat for £179.00.
  4. George Blair

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    Is there a VM equivalent to the AT150mlx ?
  5. PooreBoy

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    The AT VM750SH is what replaced the 150 series. I purchased it almost a year ago and I think it's better than the 150mlx. I just upgraded the stylus to the 760SLC and I'm blown away by the detail.
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  6. patient_ot

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    The 530EN replaces the old 120E. The 540ML replaces the 440Mla/b.
  7. spintheblack72

    spintheblack72 Forum Resident

    Loving how much my RP3 has improved with the VM530EN.

    Just gave my DSOTM 30th Anniversary pressing a blast and it sounds incredible and then my all time favourite album PF's WYWH, it's the Half Speed Master and it sounds divine, the new BRMC album is also sounding great.

    Can't recommend this cart & stylus enough, the Elys 2 served me well but this has taken the sound to another level, can only imagine how it will sound when it's settled in.

    Some Dylan MFSL next I think to see how that sounds, 45rpm BIABH & H61R.
  8. BlackCircle

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    Not the answer you are looking for, but I put a ATN150SA on my 150 and that worked out very well.

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