AudioQuest carbon fiber brush - new and improved model!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Turnaround, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Turnaround

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    AudioQuest has redesigned its record brush! And remember, the brush is good for cleaning keyboards and other things too!


    AnalogPlanet: Throw Away Your Old AudioQuest Carbon Fiber Brush!
    Throw Away Your Old AudioQuest Carbon Fiber Brush!

    AudioQuest's carbon fiber brush, in production for thirty five years, has been the industry "standard" dry record brush. If you have the one pictured above, please throw it out or donate it to a really needy record collector.

    You should replace it with AudioQuest's new carbon fiber brush pictured below.

    Why? Company founder Bill Low eventually realized that the original brush, along with most others, doesn't provide a good electrical path between the fibers and the handle, which is the static electricity "ground" discharge point to your hand. We are the world. You are the ground. The original brush's handle has a print-protecting coating that inhibits the static-electricity's path to ground.

    So AQ went back to the proverbial drawing board and re-designed the brush, which required new tooling for every part. The new brush has what the company calls "ideal conductivity" from the carbon fibers, through the brush's internal parts to the conductive gold contacts placed close to your fingers, which is where they need to be. You can see the gold strip in the photo.
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  2. paulewalnutz

    paulewalnutz Well-Known Member

    I read this article earlier today. Hoping for a review soon to see if there's a noticeable difference.
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  3. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    With all due respect, I hated the original brush so no matter how good the review is, no thanks. Not only would the fibers come off, I don't think it did such a good job at all removing the dust off an LP. I bought a Record Doctor V cleaning machine a few months ago...the cloth brush which they supply for spreading the cleaning fluid is what I use for gently swiping/maneuvering dust off the record surface; this works beautifully prior to the wet cleaning for which i use a mofi brush. But back to the dry-dusting, I just don't think Audio-Quest's is adequate. Just my nickel's worth.
  4. 500Homeruns

    500Homeruns Forum Resident

    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Ok. I added it to my Amazon wish list.
  5. H8SLKC

    H8SLKC Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    I have one of the audioquest brushes but greatly prefer the AT 6013, which I think is the same as the Hunt brush. It has two rows of carbon fiber separated by velvety nap. Love it.
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  6. johnny q

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    Bergen County, NJ
    Some of you mention the fibers coming off of the Audioquest brush. Here is my experience...

    I purchased the brush circa 2012 and both rows of bristles are very thick and robust - no issues with "shedding." I bought a spare brush last year (exact same AQ brush) and it's totally different - the bristles are quite flimsy and not stacked as thick. After using it a few months the fibers started coming off making a mess. Into the garbage it goes. I wonder what happened and why the inconsistency in quality? I hope the new brush addresses this.

    Has anyone seen the new brush for sale yet???

  7. Paranoid_Android

    Paranoid_Android Active Member

    Still can't be better than the Hunt EDA Brush
  8. PTgraphics

    PTgraphics Forum Resident

    My AudioQuest brush is silver with the two rows of bristles. Not sure when I bought it but the first one I bought the bristles started falling out the 1st time I used it. That one went back right away but the one I have now is good but it never did work all that great. Not stiff enough or something for my tastes and I am still left with a decent amount of static-electricity. I uses it because that's what I have but looking for something better.

  9. skimminstones

    skimminstones Well-Known Member

    Bexley, UK
    i bought one that looks exactly the same as that original audioquest one but i got it from HMV in the mid 90s for about £10 i think. Its worked fine, never had anything shedding
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  10. GMcGilli

    GMcGilli Forum Resident

    Richmond BC Canada
    April Fools!

  11. Bill Low has concluded that the design of the original brush is in fact defective and does not work as advertised?

    I assume assume he will soon be posting an address where we can send our original brushes back for a free replacement with a functional brush.
  12. Seafinch

    Seafinch Well-Known Member

    I ordered one from Amazon. Should be here Wednesday. I'll report back then...
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  13. John Storey

    John Storey Active Member

    Hamilton, ON
    Have you received yours yet? What are your thoughts? I have the original AudioQuest, I've had it for a month, if it is a significant upgrade, I'll bite, but given my Canadian residence, I'll need to shell out $40 for it...
  14. Budgetphile

    Budgetphile Member

    I bought one and it's great. Picks up dust must better and I have noticed that there is much less static than my original AQ brush. I'm very happy with it. The old brush seemed to add static to the record, this one does not. Also looks cooler
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  15. hi_watt

    hi_watt Forum Resident

    San Diego, CA
    Interesting. I like my original brush, and haven't had the issues that have been posted. This new one does sound tempting, and wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I can use the older one for records that are about to be wet vacuumed.
  16. John Storey

    John Storey Active Member

    Hamilton, ON
    Looking at the design, is that tan strip supposed to be where you hold it? Or is that just decoration? I looks a little tricky to get your fingers on it exclusively...
  17. JPartyka

    JPartyka I Got a Home on High

    I've had my new one for a few days now, and I agree. It seems to do a much better job than my old one at picking up and removing dust.
  18. qwerty

    qwerty Forum Resident

    So why not insert an un-insulated wire into the the carbon fibers of the old brush (near the top, so it's not near where the brush contacts the record). Take the other end of the un-insulated wire and wrap it around the handle. Now you old brush has a contact between the brushes and your hand. Now there is a good electrical path between the fibers and the handle, which is the static electricity "ground" discharge point to your hand (as stated above). Why wouldn't this be as good (apart from the fact that it's not gold-plated).
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  19. paulewalnutz

    paulewalnutz Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Looks like I'll be getting the new one.
  20. johnny q

    johnny q Forum Resident

    Bergen County, NJ
    Got the new brush today.....

    "Meet the new boss....same as the old boss." :)
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  21. Digital Vinyl Infidel

    Digital Vinyl Infidel Forum Resident

    North America
    Is this a jole? Bill Low 'eventually' realized the brush needed to be improved?

    30 years later? Did Fremer have any idea how ridiculous that sounded?

    most of their stuff is made in China so not raising the price is not some big favor they are doing.
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  22. John Storey

    John Storey Active Member

    Hamilton, ON
    Are you suggesting we Shouldn't be Fooled Again? And the brush truly is "Same as the old "boss"?"
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  23. Kristofa

    Kristofa Forum Resident

    Eugene, Oregon
    Is this the only way to ground the old brush?
  24. Digital Vinyl Infidel

    Digital Vinyl Infidel Forum Resident

    North America
    It's just what Mikey Fremer was shilling for this month.
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  25. Kristofferabild

    Kristofferabild Member

    I also just ordered one. =)
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