Avengers: Infinity War

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    I suspect that he's going to be done in Avengers 4, as in done in. I don't think they're going to hire another actor or turn the Falcon or anyone else into CA.

    And sadly, I wouldn't bet on his picking up the shield again either. If he were returning to the role in the future I could see that recapitulation as being necessary, but if he's just going to be a casualty in the fight against Thanos, they aren't going to have any reason to Cap him up again.

    Most sadly, I think this is a poor move for Evans, if it is his move of course. He could have played Captain America for 20 more years. I mean, what's he going to do now? Play a cop or a football player or a spy, or do rom-coms? He doesn't seem to have that much range. Robert Downey Jr. could do practically anything, but he's said that he could play Tony Stark even into his seventies!
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    I read that Downey said he could conceivably play Iron Man indefinitely, as all it entails is him stepping in and out of a suit, after that, ALL his action is CGI'd. All of them are CGI'd but I imagine the actors who do Thor, Cap, Wolverine, etc. all have to do stuntwork. Apparently Downey doesn't!
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    Evans has said numerous times that he wants to concentrate on working as a director. He's already directed a few films and I can see him making a name for himself doing that.
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    Ah, I have a very dim memory of that. I hope he does well with it.
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    Wasn’t the Cap’n being replaced by USAgent a running thing for a decade at Marvel?
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    Steve Rogers quit and became US Agent while some other dude filled in as Cap. Eventually Steve Rogers returned as Cap and the faux Cap became US Agent. Only lasted about 17 issues, I think. I dont know anything thats happened since 1995, though, so maybe other stuff happened after I bailed.
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    My apologies if this as already been shared here. I think it's pretty well done and shows how much footage they chose not to use.

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    I don't think anyone with OCD would be able to edit a modern movie that has tons of motion capture/CGI/live action, they would go mad with all of the angles/options that are available for every single frame.

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