B&W 805 sweet spot (price/performance)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ChuckyBuck, May 22, 2017.

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    The 805 has been around for a while and has seen a lot of updates. There should be an 805 Wikipedia page just so one can figure out when each model was manufactured. Anyway, are there any particular models that are still highly regarded and available at a somewhat affordable price? Any models to avoid? Any that represented big leaps over the prior versions vs. minor updates? Any that went the wrong way?

  2. Hershiser

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    Are you referring to the Nautilus or the Matrix line? If you are referring to the Matrix, I always thought the 803 was the sweet spot. That is why I bought them in 1998 and still have them in the main system.
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  3. ChuckyBuck

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    Albuquerque, NM
    Interesting comment. I suppose I was referring to the Nautilus since I assume that is the line the current 805 is in. Or is it the Diamond? Like I said, I'm a little confused. Is Diamond distinct from Nautilus?
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    Only the first (?) 805 was called N for Nautilus. The following versions of the 805 were called (not in the correct order perse) S, Signature, Diamond and D(2, 3). I have only witnessed the D3 alteration with new designed woofer. None of the 2500~ analog amplifiers could make these reproduce with a better clarity than a digital amplifier by Lyngdorf. I wonder why. Starting with the Signature series, B&W uses magnets for the grills. Very nice. In terms of price justified. Well, they do sound very good. But to me I feel 3000 a speaker is not justified. I have heard similar quality for way less in budget studio mnitors. Like the Yamaha. Albeit the Yamaha HS80 sound very harsh in the upper/high range.
  5. Sneaky Pete

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    I like their speakers generally but I have a particular fondness for the 802 matrix.
  6. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

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    Have auditioned the 805 D2 and I own the 805 D3's.

    Both are incredible. The D3 sound more "natural" to me but in a very different room. I feel every day with the 805s is a gift. I run them without a sub btw and they are very satisfying.

    Nothing wrong with the $6k price. Only knock is at $1k the stands are very expensive. They are beautiful though. The speakers and stands are easily the nicest objects in my house.
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