Beach Boys - Wild Honey LP in Stereo - 'Sunshine Tomorrow' 2Cds + live digital release

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joel1963, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. drbeachboy

    drbeachboy Forum Resident

    I received my US copy last week. It was flat and quiet, but had one loud pop about 4 seconds into Let The Wind Blow. I kept it anyway.
  2. pdas1996

    pdas1996 Active Member

    Indianapolis, IN
    Regarding an end-of-the-year copyright release, from the Smiley Smile board:

    "According to the new winter edition of Endless Summer Quarterly, published today:

    Sunshine Tomorrow 2 - 29 additional tracks from the Smiley Smile sessions, the Lei'd in Hawaii Wally Heider Studio sessions, and the Wild Honey sessions, including the unreleased "Good News"
    Live Sunshine - 109 performances from 7 shows in 5 states during the 1967 tour"
  3. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Forum Resident

    London, England
  4. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    Campbell, CA
    Holy moly that sounds amazing.
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  5. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    Will this be digital only?
  6. Giant Hogweed

    Giant Hogweed Forum Resident

    Exeter, Devon, UK
    Wowzers! I like it!
  7. Yorick

    Yorick Forum Resident

    the Netherlands
  8. Forum Resident

    It'd be nice to have an official version of the Smiley Smile sessions.
  9. ronbow

    ronbow Forum Resident

    St. Louis MO
    Will that be released via iTunes?
  10. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    I don't use i-tunes so I hope this is available on Amazon too or I'm gonna flip out.

    107 live tracks...I know exactly which shows these are, in fact I already have them, but will buy official product. They are great shows. But its hard enough for me to pay $14.99 for non-physical media. A set this large might be up there in price.

    I wish they all could be...CD releases. I was listening to the Keep An Eye On Summer set his week. Such a great hodge podge of stuffs.Wish the suits would take a gamble on this stuff. Sunshine Tomorrow would have made an awesome 6 CD set.
  11. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    Please tell me this will be on cd, or at least in flac
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  12. jdlaw

    jdlaw Forum Resident

    Yeah, I already have the November 1967 shows (Detroit, etc) in excellent quality. What I really want (and hope this includes) is the two complete Hawaii shows.
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  13. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    Campbell, CA
    I want those two Hawaii shows, too! They are at the top of my wishlist for this set.

    By the way, I checked out the Smiley Smile forum and Mark Linett said this will be released 12/08.
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  14. FJFP

    FJFP Well-Known Member

    Clearly digital only then, hopefully I can grab it on Qobuz again.
  15. MaestroDavros

    MaestroDavros Well-Known Member

    D.C. Metro Area
    I mean Mark hinted at something big closing the year, but I never imagined it would be THIS big.:bigeek:
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  16. tonewheeltom

    tonewheeltom Forum Resident

    Vineland, NJ
    Most, if not all, of these download-only B.B. releases have been available in 16/44.1, and some at 24/88.2.
  17. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    Campbell, CA
    Where would I find 16/44.1?
  18. picassoson

    picassoson Well-Known Member

    New York City
    Super psyched about this - what an exciting time to be a Beach Boys fan. I for one don't mind the digital-only release, and totally understand it. I'd be pretty skeptical that Capitol could recoup investment on a physical release of something like this. In general I really like this model of having a CD/Vinyl best-of sessions released, with a huge digital house-cleaning at the end of the year.
  19. tonewheeltom

    tonewheeltom Forum Resident

    Vineland, NJ
    7digital’s US store has the Big Beat 1963, Sacramento 1964, Chicago 1965, and Michigan 1966 all in 16-bit, but I didn’t see Keep An Eye On Summer - Sessions 1964, but that’s in 24-bit on HDTracks and Pro Studio Masters.
  20. RickA

    RickA Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL

    Maybe not, Sunshine Tomorrow garnered great reviews, high on Year end lists and it would suggest that the sales were pretty good. I hope my belief is an actuality. Would love to have this on CD.
  21. soundQman

    soundQman Idealist of the Musical Apocalypse

    Arlington, VA, USA
    Right, but I can only take a few of those sorts of big dumps from a small handful of my very favorite artists. Otherwise it only gets played once. The best material usually gets an official release soon after creation/recording or is saved for the next album. I think Dylan is an exception, because he left huge amounts of great material unreleased, a good portion of it better than what made it onto official albums originally. That is very unusual for recording artists.
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  22. picassoson

    picassoson Well-Known Member

    New York City
    I agree. Dylan is definitely in that category for me, mostly for the reasons you stated. I'm a big enough Beach Boys fanatic though that I want it all, even if it is every redundant scrap of session tape and live shows with mostly the same setlist. I can't think of any other band that I have that level of emotional attachment to.
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  23. mikedifr0923

    mikedifr0923 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
  24. soundQman

    soundQman Idealist of the Musical Apocalypse

    Arlington, VA, USA
    I pigged out in the 70s on The Beatles' Get Back Sessions.
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  25. edenofflowers

    edenofflowers Forum Resident

    I'm in for Sunshine 2 if I can get it lossless. Sunshine (1) was on of my fave rave archive releases of the year.

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