Beatles 2014 mono LPs going out of print...*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SurrealCereal, Jan 8, 2018.

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    If there were earlier mainstream digital recordings they would be known about. In the late 70s and 80s record labels liked to make a big thing about their vinyl Lps being from digital recordings because people were pre programmed to think new tech meant better. A mass of secretly recorded to digital rock records does not exist. In fact many engineers clinged to analogue as long as practically possible, some until hi-res digital was available. I'm sure at one time I was impressed by a digital logo on an LP. That was before I heard early CD playback and realised digital was not all that was claimed of it. I believe quite a few digital classical LPs came out before Bop Till You Drop. Classical enthusiasts lapped up everything digital. Quite a few recordings employed some form of digital mixing from analogue tapes and of course there is the unsubstantiated belief that from later 70's digital delay was used in most cutting chains making most records digital.
  2. The box set is available new via third party sellers on Amazon UK.
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    He doesn't sound too optimistic. Maybe we should start a Kickstarter and get him a mono Pepper or something. :help: :uhhuh:
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    Ah. Side 2 sounds amazing. Maybe the best version of "Here Comes The Sun" I've ever heard. I bet it was Porky.
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    There are moments when it’s almost 3D.
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  7. It is 3D on my system. To be honest there have been a couple of times when I forgot they weren't actually there playing in front of me.....I asked them to skip Revolution No. 9 but they persisted with it anyway!
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    It’s often the voice. Sometimes, while listening critically, John's voice is way out in front.
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    I know mono can have effects applied. Phasing effects and other effects that can actually make it somewhat...similar to stereo. I love it when people talk about mono being 3D. It's like when digital enthusiasts talk about a digital product sounding analog. (So why not just get analog!) If I want dimension, depth, and a sense of movement...I go for stereo. If I want direct hard hitting monolithic sound, I probably would go for mono.
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    I have one of those too, and it looks very clean, but has some nasty static on side two with my thin-line stylus. It's ok with an elliptical though. I would imagine not every copy is like that.
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    “Someone in the industry”? “Someone who works in a recording studio”? Well, there’s a “guy who worked for NASA” who says that UFO’s were edited out of moon landing photos, so anything is possible.

    SHOCK CLAIM: NASA ‘whistleblower’ alleges space agency doctored UFOs out of moon images
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    If that was the point, "Someone I know who works in the industry assured me that no reissues have been cut from "analogue tapes" or AAA for close to 40 years!" was a strange way of expressing it.
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  13. No, that was an entirely different point so your point is?
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    Now Steve, be fair. A guy I work with thinks the earth is flat. I sure as hell ain't gonna quote him like he knows what he's talking about.
    Your friend has no clue what he's talking about, if you're a member here you should know that. Ridiculous statement that shouldn't have been posted.
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    His point was the apparently entirely different point you made was ridiculous.
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    I'm sorry, did I read all this wrong?

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    Mono recordings can have wonderful front to back depth though.
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    That is because you haven't heard it in Stereo, that one will transport you straight to the 5th dimension but indeed noises in the mono version played through a stereo cartridge add a je ne sais quoi feeling in my gear.
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    I did think of this briefly when I first posted. How the positioning of the microphones or what is emphasized in the mix...what is put "up front"...can affect the overall sound and experience. I think it's "And I Love Her" where the mono with Paul's voice right up front really struck me as pretty extraordinary. It's sometimes just a different experience, mono...compared to stereo...and I do like hearing the differences. I have to give more thought and attention to "front to back depth".
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    This too is something I have to give more thought to. Everyone talks about how Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds sounds so different and great in mono, with the phase effect. But listening to the Sgt. Pepper's mono CD, I don't know if I really heard what they were talking about. Although it WAS a digital CD...
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    I don't recall ever doing a side to side comparison of the mono vs stereo . I am a stereo person but even without comparing directly I can hear that suddenly certain parts are different. Before it was hard because of the sound quality just didn't make me feel like listening to the mono but now that I have a UK pressing that sounds as it should I enjoy both mono and stereo with their differences. Something similar happens with the white album but if I had to chose the stereo is for me in both cases.
  22. Yes, you did. Two distinctly different but brief points concerning the proliferation of digital recording, mixing and mastering:

    1. More recordings are digital than we first realise and hence it's been around since 1970/1

    2. As digital took over in the mainstream more studios use the digital realm to master pre-existing materials. Not all so-called analogue formats are really analogue. Some digital creeps into the equation.

    Given that we can't always believe what the record industry tells us, do we automatically believe something is AAA because the hype states it?


    And yes the earth is indeed flat!;)
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    I give up!
    I'll take my meds if you take yours.....
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    There are two box sets sitting unsold in a record store less than 10 minutes from my house!


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