Beatles Remasters on Vinyl (part 12)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MilesSmiles, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    I think that the person from Bull Moose who posted that returns have not been a big deal because the defects that drive people nuts here are too subtle for most people to notice had it right. Since participating in this discussion, I have noticed that a substantial number of the records that I have collected (and enjoyed) since the 60s are, in fact, pressed somewhat off-center. Are they each technically defective? Sure. That I never noticed that they are underscores that they each play fine on what I think is my above-average system. Want to keep returning them until you get a perfect one? Knock yourself out. But please don't demean those of us who don't share your apparent need for perfection or deter others from enjoying these terrific releases.
    Sound like a deal?
  2. The "defect" on Abbey Road that "drove me nuts" was a gouge in the lead-in groove that was so bad that Elusive Disc agreed that I should not play the album because it could damage my stylus. I posted a picture of it here earlier.

    How did THAT get past the QC at Rainbo? image.jpg
  3. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana Forum Resident

    Hallandale Beach
    On a smaller pressing run a substantial portion - or all - of a pressing run can indeed share off-centeredness. You don't need to be a record retailer to understand this. I am not, and I understand it. A classic example is the debut lp by Rickie Lee Jones. Most if not all the copies I have tripped over in used bins are off center on side 1.
  4. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Forum Resident

    New York
    I just popped on Please Please Me. Wow, this is one of the best sounding LPs in the box. Nice and smooth.

    Does any find the early tube cut pressings to be "thinner" sounding when compared to the new albums? I've been in the process of upgrading my system and I noticed that the new pressings do not have as much bottom end, although the vocals have more of a "sparkle" than the remasters. I am wondering if it's my cartridge, a re-tipped Grace F9 Ruby by Soundsmith.
  5. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana Forum Resident

    Hallandale Beach
    They did not cut records with crazy low frequency bass in the 60's, particularly outside the US. The first engineer in England to really try it was Geoff Emerick, and even then Revolver has great mid-bass and not a lot of low bass.
  6. englishbob

    englishbob Forum Resident

    Kent, England
    got the white album for xmas today. I am struck by the facts that even at the considerable expense this goes for (a) the sleeve isnt much of a replica and (b) a download code for the hires versions was not included!
  7. struttincool

    struttincool Senior Member

    Anacortes, WA
    Deal. I did not mean to demean or deter others. I have plenty of off center LP's. Thought I'd point out that it is a defect, but if it doesn't effect sound too much I'll keep them.
  8. motionmover

    motionmover Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    My EU boxset arrived a couple of weeks ago from Germany via
    One of the LP's from Past Masters had the same type of nick on the leading egdge groove, similiar to the pic posted showing the defect in someone else's Abbey Road (Budapest's pic). shipped me another copy.

    Listening yesterday to Abbey Road. Despite a couple of pops here and there, it is a relatively quiet pressing. I did have the US pressing awhile back, Octopus's Garden had heavy distortion on the louder parts. Listening to the UK pressing, and the distortion is not there. The UK pressing is nicer sounding copy. Overall I am happy with the UK boxset.
  9. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa I'm a "Citizens For Boysenberry Jam" Fan

    Ohio USA
    Color me happy with my US set. Just listened to Pepper again and it sounds great.
  10. riknbkr330

    riknbkr330 Forum Resident

    I'm listening to "A Hard Day's Night" with headphones and it really, really sounds good. Veru engaging.

    Can't say the LP is totally perfect, it's warped, but the TT is tracking it without much problem.
  11. Ringo75503

    Ringo75503 Active Member

    Texarkana, TX USA
    I just got an email notification from UPS that I will be receiving a package tomorrow from.......(drumroll please)
    RAINBO RECORDS! Looks like Capitol/EMI is making them replace the LPs I emailed them about. It will be interesting to see what
    I end up with. I got no indication that anything was being done after the reply email asking which
    albums I was wanting replaces with proof of purchase on December 12th. I will report in as soon as I get them.
  12. I got the six replacement LPs from Rainbo last week. You can keep the bad ones. But I have not listened to my replacements yet.
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  13. Satrus

    Satrus Forum Resident

    Cork, Ireland
    I must say that I agree with you.

    A perfectly pressed concentric vinyl LP is a very rare thing! Whether you buy U.S. or EU discs, the situation is the same. You can keep returning them all you want but you won't find a perfectly concentric disc, in my experience. Better still, just fix them yourself. Usually, they are only out by a 'smidgeon' and if you carefully remove the excess plastic on the spindle hole the record will usually revolve in a perfectly concentric revolution. I had to 'fix' the first disc on my copy German Geffen copy of Pat Metheny's 'Secret Garden' 2 LP set last night. A few days ago, I had to do the same with Tift Merritt's 'Traveling Alone'. It is a problem the industry (with the exception of our friends in Japan) has been unable to solve?

    For example, if I buy an RTI pressed LP, I know from the outset that it will be perfectly concentric on one side and 'off centre' on the other. It is less expensive and better for your overall health (Blood pressure?) to repair the problem yourself, in the vast majority of cases. I have had the same experience with recent LPs from Pallas but the problem on these is usually very minor. Now, when I use the term 'concentric', I mean perfectly concentric. I am sure that there are many LPs that are 'off centre' by a very modest margin that are perfectly acceptable to most people.
  14. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Forum Resident

    New York
    How do you fix your albums? Do you use a knife to remove the excess plastic?
  15. I requested replacements to be sourced from Optimal. I am not enthusiastic I'll get them. If my replacements come from Rainbo and have the same sorts of problems, I'll be p!$$ed!
  16. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    My view unless realy bad off centre pressings are best left alone! A bad one can be corrected with rolled sandpaper or I have heard scissors suggested, but correcting one side means a reposition for the 'perfect' side. In most instances off-centre is not audible and is best forgoten except by those fixated on watching their tonearm move side to side.
  17. jude7265

    jude7265 Active Member

    Pennsylvania, US
    I unwrapped my White Album yesterday and played it in its entirety. There weren't any nonfill or gouge issues, but the vinyl itself is pretty warped. It plays just fine, though and I have no desire to play Russian Roulette with Rainbo. If I thought it was worth the chance, I'd return it to Amazon and try for the EU version, but what if that winds up being warped as well?
  18. rstamberg

    rstamberg Forum Resident

    Riverside, CT
    My vinyl copy of the remastered THE BEATLES (white album) is heavy, flat and sounds really nice.

    Rock Stamberg
  19. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    I'm off to pick up 2 of the remastered LPs with a Xmas gift certificate in a bit. Wish me luck on getting a couple with no problems. I'm not super picky I just don't like noisy records.
  20. fantgolf

    fantgolf Forum Resident

    Rochester, MN
    Just received my second copy of Abbey Road, the first was a disaster from Elusive disc (returned) and the second I ordered from the UK and it is very nice and I'm happy with it. I'm thinking of getting a couple more, probably Past Masters and AHDN. I think I'll stick with the UK for those too.
  21. zefa

    zefa Member

    Thanks for the info! I was wondering how relevant would be this non-fill issue for the average person.

  22. Just got an email from EMI that the replacements are coming from Rainbo and they are being quality checked before shipping.
  23. JackJD

    JackJD All I Want is the Truth...

    Anyone know what happened to the MIA "pristine EU Stereo Vinyl Box" Giveaway SH promised about six or seven "Beatles Remastered on Vinyl (part...)" threads ago...?

  24. JackJD

    JackJD All I Want is the Truth...


    Dug up a few of the aforementioned posts:

    "Maybe one of you will win the EU box that I'm giving away in our SH Forums Giveaway." -SH

    "We are going to be giving away an EU pressed Beatles' Box in a few weeks in an SH Forums Giveaway. I've examined each disk, all flawless. Stay tuned!"-SH

    Post by: Steve Hoffman, Nov 17, 2012 in forum: Music Corner

    -Beatles Remasters on Vinyl (part 8), Nov 17, 2012.

  25. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    I got Revolver, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road and Let It Be today. Played all 4 and they look and sound flawless. No pops, no nicks, no warps and no off centered records. Is it just the boxes that have some screwy pressings?
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