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    Des Moines, Iowa has a couple of very cool display pieces for fans of Beatles vinyl: They are the original retail-store counter standees that were manufactured to promote the 45rpm disc "Baby It's You" (a four-song EP tied to the 1994 "Live At The BBC" album) and "Real Love" (a 1995 single tied into the release of "Anthology 2").

    They hold 20 or so singles and ships them out still sealed in the original, flat Capitol Records shipping box sent to retailers. (I know because I bought several of these from a few years back, along with the one for "Free As A Bird." That one features a very cool die-cut Apple at the top, but it has been sold out for quite some time.)

    Anyway, if you're looking for a cool way to display some of your 7-inch Beatles discs, these in-store display items are very nice and very affordable at just $20 each. They're also 20-plus years old now, and are genuine collectibles.


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    These are fairly cool. I just have limited surface space for something that provides limited storage. I'm considering it, though.
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