Beaver & Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary/Gandharva, long OOP CD, both albums on one disc

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    I noticed on eBay a used "like new" CD copy of the long OOP 1994 Beaver & Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary/Gandharva 2fer CD on Warner Bros/Warner Archives of this duos 3rd and 4th albums on one CD. I have this CD since I bought it when it initially came out and the sound is amazing. Now these 2 albums came out last decade as separate CD reissues on the excellent CCM label and those are long OOP as well. I have no doubt the CCM CDs sounded fine as well but to get both albums on one CD without having to fork over a large amount of money, this is a great deal. The only thing that may turn off some buyers is the gold promo stamp on the cover but other than that this looks like a nice clean copy of this CD. Plus free shipping. These albums are a must for anyone into ambient music, early electronics and electroacoustic music. Plus a shot of funk, gospel, world music and new age music as we know it:

    Gandharva/In a Wild Sanctuary by Beaver & Krause (CD, Jul-1994, Warner Bros.) 93624566328 | eBay

    Just listen at the 3:10 mark below from the piece titled "Spaced." You get to hear the THX theme made a decade earlier:

    Below are the separate Discogs entries for both albums to show you all the players involved:

    Beaver & Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary
    Beaver & Krause - Gandharva
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