Best Case for iPod Classic 160GB?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by hutlock, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    So my wife got me a new iPod Classic 160GB for my birthday yesterday and I would like to get a case for it to keep it shiny and new and unscratched.

    Can anyone recommend a case ? I'd prefer an actual hard case to a gummy/sticker kind of thing just because I travel with my iPod a lot and want to protect it against impact as much as I can.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
  3. noname74

    noname74 The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

    I went looking for an image of the case I use in Google Images and immediately saw this...decided to post it as it's much more interesting than a pic of my case. :winkgrin:

  4. greelywinger

    greelywinger That T-Rex Guy

    Dayton, Ohio USA
  5. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    That's the kind I'm looking for, Frank. I meant I didn't want to mess around with one of those skins/sticker kind of things that don't provide any impact protection. Thanks!
  6. howlinrock

    howlinrock Forum Resident In Memoriam

    SF Bay Area
    I bought a black rubber (stretch) cover case at Best Buy that covered it all really nice. You can tell in the store. Don't know what brand...sorry
  7. Mikey679

    Mikey679 Well-Known Member

    Worcester, MA
  8. dynamicalories

    dynamicalories Well-Known Member

  9. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    Yeah, I've been using the iSkin evo4. Meh.

    I used to LOVE the Contour Showcase, but they stopped making it for the Classic. The leftover one I got for the 6th Gen iPod Classic doesn't fit the 7th Gen one (the one you likely just got) well at all. Haven't been happy with any other case since.
  10. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
  11. rushed again

    rushed again Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Using one of these for my 160 but their site only mentions an 80 & 120 classic. Not sure if they are all the same thickness.
  12. laynecobain

    laynecobain Active Member

    Lake Tahoe / Reno
    I've owned 4 Ipods since they first came out, and now also a own a Nano. Never have used a cover for any of them--no reason for or against---just never have. My Iphone and Ipad I do.
  13. ffracer

    ffracer Forum Resident

    I have the Griffin Elan convertible (has a flap that flips up). Comes in handy travelling on a plane or in a car where you don't want the face being pressed against something.
  14. Matt I

    Matt I Well-Known Member

    I like this clear plastic hard case that protects everything including the screen and the wheel.

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  15. hoover537

    hoover537 Well-Known Member

    +1. I use this one by Belkin.
  16. Walt

    Walt Well-Known Member

    Frostburg, MD
    My rubber case came from Best Buy too - we probably use the same case. I like it a lot. I usually keep my iPod in my shirt pocket and the rubber keeps it form sliding out if I forget to snap or button the pocket.
  17. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    I've seen those and wondered about them. They look slick. I also recommend to the OP keeping that little static sticker on the screen/face of your i-Pod, to ward off scrtaches and fingerprints.

    I still have my i-Pod nano from 2006 and it holds less than 1 gb. I'll use it until it goes caput.
  18. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    The 6th Gen 120G and 7th Gen (current) 160G are supposed to be the same thickness, but I find a very slight difference where the 160G is a hair thicker.

    I purchased (as I mentioned above) a 6th Gen 120G Contour Showcase for my 7th Gen 160G Classic, and it needs a little "help" fitting in there.

    Just make sure the cases you search for are for the 7th Gen 160G...there was an earlier generation 160G that was much thicker.
  19. beatlesfan68

    beatlesfan68 Well-Known Member

    Detroit, MI USA

    I use these on an iPod Photo 60GB and an iPod Classic 160GB. No issues at all and it's easy to remove the cases if needed.

  20. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    Awesome! No problem! The one I listed has worked great for me for 2 years now with no problems. :righton:
  21. cara

    cara Member

    My 5th Gen 80GB I-pod kept in the leather Griffin case I bought with it in 2006 is still in excellent condition with hardly a mark on it. Highly recommended.
  22. JPartyka

    JPartyka I Got a Home on High

    I've used this model of Griffin case and liked it. I actually have an unopened spare lying around now that I think of it.
  23. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Yeah, my old iPod (a 20GB iPod photo!) has been in a Contour Showcase since the day I bought it and still looks fantastic. That was the first case I went looking for for the new Classic and discovered that it wasn't gonna work, hence my post here...

    I definitely like the one Frank suggested, and I'm gonna also look into the iSkin evo4. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
  24. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    I have no case for my Gen 5 30gb iPod. It gets scratched on the back but the basic design is so wonderful I really don't care.

    I think they look better without a case.
  25. taam

    taam Member

    best leather cases i know are from they are expensive but great.

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