Best place to sell LP's?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by draganm, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. draganm

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    I got a nice chunk $ last time I went to my local used vinyl shop, but it's not close by, and the other problem is I usually just come home with more LP.s I used to list and sell on Audiogon but it's so complicated now, and you have to have something uber-rae and valuable to even find a buyer there and make it worth the hassle.

    My kid counted and I have approx. 700, many I don't listen to. A good amount of sealed stuff, mostly 80's. So what do you guys say, what's a good place , here?

    Also, I usually group into batches of 3 to 5 LP's of similar genre to make the shipping worth it, is that still best practice?

    thanks for any feedback or suggestions
  2. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    There's a marketplace here--no fees. But you have to be member for a minimum time and/or make a minimum number of posts before you can access it. A lot of vinyl buyers on this forum.
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  3. draganm

    draganm New Member Thread Starter

    thanks, looks like the "start new post" option is there for me in " 3rd party Sales and Auctions", so next step will be to make a list and check it twice.
  4. deadcoldfish

    deadcoldfish Forum Resident

    Santa Rosa, CA
    3rd party Marketplace:
    Third Party Sales & Auctions
    Listings by members with eBay stores, business websites, listings on Amazon Marketplace, postings on Craigslist, personal sales on Audiogon, eBay, and Amazon, etc. can be found here. Links to interesting items for sale/auction offered by non-members are welcome also. Members must have 50 posts and have been registered 30 days to start a thread in this section.

    For direct sales on the site, you want the Classified forums.
  5. draganm

    draganm New Member Thread Starter

    alright, I'm stumped, if I click on forums, there are 6 discussion forums and 5 marketplace forums, none are called " classifieds" ?
  6. Lebowski

    Lebowski Forum Resident

    Eastern MA
    You've been a member long enough, but have not made enough posts yet. You need to make 50 posts before the classified section appears. Then, if you do indeed have good stuff, you will have members tripping over themselves to buy your vinyl...
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  7. draganm

    draganm New Member Thread Starter

    sheesh, so many rules, and/or , or /and :) I might even forget about moving these records before 50 posts,even with "only" 20 more to go ;)

    Thx for the explanation though
  8. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    If you don't want to wait till you hit 50 posts you can try discogs or eBay. Discogs does charge lower fees and crucially they don't take a % of the postage costs like eBay does.

    Another advantage is that you don't have to spend time writing up a listing like you would with eBay. Just find your version, enter your grades and any notes and there you go. You can even enter automatic shipping amounts so you don't have to work out shipping for every order. One thing to remember is to make sure you list under the correct version otherwise buyer(s) are likely to freak out. :)

    Another option might be to list locally on Craigslist. Do it in batches if you have too many to tell. List them, price them up decent and you'll probably get local buyers. If you're lucky you might even get someone to offer you a deal on the lot of them.
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  9. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    Yeah, sorry that turned out to be a hard "and" rather than "and/or". I forgot, but I am not a Gort so no one is paying me the big bucks to remember all the rules :)
  10. jimac51

    jimac51 Forum Resident

    I think the rules here are quite fair for a site with so many knowledgeable folk and some willing to pay big bucks and not getting a piece of the action. I've been here since 2003-I have never been involved with a transaction here,never will,but the deal is as good as it gets. Minimum posts and time on board help keep the riff raff out. I knew a guy holding a class,charging a couple of bucks to show up,but it was really just to keep the masses from diluting the audience. Your claim of 700 LPs,mostly '80s,some sealed,leads me to guess a fair amount of record club stuff,but as the decade wore on, vinyl versions of lots of acts dried up. Add to that,the '80s had a fair share of crap acts. MTV separated a lot of haves from have-nots-the added expense of a video attached to a song and THEN trying to get exposure and still needing radio meant lots of commercial failures,even if the music was decent. Folks here know lots about that. Interesting stuff at a fair price? Gobbled up. Common crud? I see some of this stuff in used stores today,some of it still sealed and most should remain that way. As for listing in groups,that was one peeve that soured me on Ebay. A desired item buried in a bunch of stuff I don't want-who cares? I am fortunate to live close by(six blocks) to a great used shop,so maybe I'm spoiled. I am also old, cranky too,wanting kids to stay off of my lawn when I don't even have a lawn. I do what I want,as long as CVS gets their monthly share.
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  11. ScramMan2

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    Just post 50 messages here and you'll be able to get access to the classified sections. They will fly off the shelves!
  12. quicksrt

    quicksrt Forum Resident

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    If you would like to get top dollar and don't mind the sales being a bit slow then Amazon is a perfect place for you. Listings are already made - you just attach your copy and select condition and check which shipping times / prices you are willing to accept.
    Still sealed copies do exceptionally well when your competition has only VG+ or even Like New. You can see what others are charging for the exact same album and then raise or lower yours depending on if yours is nicer or not.

    I get a few sales a month and use the cash to buy hi-res and multi-channel SACDs, etc. I've made nice money on Viki Carr and Andy Williams albums. Easy Listening stuff I've turned into Classic Rock and cool rare collectibles.

    Slow sales but nice high prices when I do get a sale.
  13. chazz101s

    chazz101s Active Member


    Do you maintain an Amazon "store"? (If yes, I'd love to know your store's name - via pm or here.)

    I am believing that in the past 6 months or so, Amazon has been doing its darnedest to make it impossible for small fry to sell music (CDs as well as LPs) on Amazon as 3rd Party Sellers.

    Did I misunderstand the posts that I saw on this Forum about Amazon's weeding out of 3rd Party Sellers? (Just wondering how your experience is so different from those previous posts. . . .)
  14. draganm

    draganm New Member Thread Starter

    thanks for all the advice , I wound up loading up a wood wine crate, gave a dozen to a friend who just got a TT for Xmas, and hauled the rest down to the local record store. They took 18 of them, nothing really special, a bunch of early Styx on promo copies, A mint Huey Lewis and the News in shrink, a sealed Peter, Paul, and Mary , etc. I know you guys are jealous right ; )
    I'm just cleaning out stuff , I can't believe how many duplicates I have, a few triples even. Nothing super rare or collectible, so really not worth listing anyway.
    any-who, they gave me $30. store credit, so that was nice for a "low effort" solution that didn't require listing, collecting payment, shipping, etc. I now need to figure out what to buy, not a bad problem to have , but I'll start a new thread on that .
    They are desperate for Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, Dire Straits, etc. That stuff is flying off the shelves, glad I'm stocked up on all that.
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  15. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA
    I mainly use Discogs for online selling. While used records usually don't go too quickly and are sometimes complicated when it comes to finding certain pressings for something that was pressed a lot (Beach Boys, Beatles, Dylan, etc.), sealed records are usually easy to put up since you can just say 'sealed' and mention any issues you may see. It's kind of nice because you don't have to put up your own images... so it's a little quicker than Ebay. I also find most buyers will take a gander at other things you have in your store and try to combine shipping. I know I do.

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