Best Record Stores in Brooklyn 2017?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Ken, Oct 17, 2017.

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    specifically in Brooklyn this week and hoping to get to some still-remaining good record stores; any current favorites? thank you much in advance.
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    Parts Unknown
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    Agreed about "Record Grouch", probably best record store in Brooklyn as for now, OTOH the Brooklyn "Academy" lately became a typical "leftover store". It seems like all what they sell are just leftovers of what they already listed on the internet. Chances to find anything rare or collectable there are very slim unless record in bad shape, so they put it in the bins instead of Discogs or eBay. A shame really, 6-7 years ago it was a great store, I bought a lot of great records there.
    The other Brooklyn store "Captured Tracks" even worse, at least "Academy" has constant turnover and much bigger. At "Captured Tracks" you can see one of the guys sitting in the far back corner with computer and another one packing record mailers by the cash register, this picture speaks louder than words - there is nothing to look for here, total waste of time!
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    yeah saw this at a store in Tokyo, guy was cutting up cardboard on a table in front of the counter and glared at me, not sure why but it really bummed me out. Really did not want to buy anything there.

    The ones I laugh at are where the shelves are sparsely littered with utter dross and underneath are the boxes and boxes of awesome stuff they're obviously selling online and when you try and have a peek into the boxes they run over and bark at you.

    Yet the stores have to sell online too these days to make any sense. I'd be doing the same, boxing sold stuff up, if in their situation. Maybe they should stop packing when someone comes in the store and sit still haha which might make you feel like even more of an unwanted intruder....

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